Norma Burke aka Bunty Twungtinton McFuff

Frilly Keane writes:

Also in the Dublin City Council chamber yesterday was Bunty Twungtinton McFuff You might remember Bunty was hoping to join the Gavin Duffy campaign

Rather than getting all insulted and grandly upstanding like Mannix Flynn, I suggest Councillors, all over the Country, recognise what this route to nominations has turned the Presidential Election into.

It is their oow internal Party workings and voting arrangements along with organised abstentions that drew Bunty into the Nomination process, and she should be congratulated for forcing Dublin City Council to call time on their own right to nominate rather than be considered a Fine Gael conspiracy

That on its own deserves its own place in the comedy of Áras 2018 we now have before us; out of a Chamber of 63 councillors, seven are Blueshurts.

If this County is to continue to pretend it is a Democracy, then why not vote for someone because they have the best hair?

The Local Councillors have already nominated two businessmen, with no public service record, other than one of them being a former Fianna Fáil Ministerial assistant and fundraiser, the other being a paid external consultant, alongside a Pro-Life advocate whose connection to
the Iona Institute cannot be denied.

This on its own is a blatant two-fingers to the convincing majority of these Councillors own constituents.

I’ve already said here  that Michael was no innocent bystander to this farce , so for anyone charged with deciding who gets on the ticket at all to be objecting to Bunty’s pitch yesterday would want to take a better look at themselves.

Up your Áras lads.

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