This morning.

Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Fur farm-hating grim reapers greet returning TDs afte the Dáil Summer recess.



Social Democrats TD Róisín Shortall and the party’s political director Anne Marie McNally on the plinth at Leinster House

This morning.

Outside Leinster House.

Social Democrats TD Roisin Shortall has called for an immediate rent freeze nationwide.

In a statement, Ms Shortall said:

“One of the worst effects of the housing crisis is that more and more people are relying on private rental accommodation. Rents are at record levels. According to DAFT, rents nationwide have risen by 75% since 2011 and are now 27% higher than their 2008 peak.”

The party’s political director Anne Marie McNally said:

“The Government needs to intervene now to stop rents sky-rocketing any further. We have to end this exploitation of renters and those priced out of the housing market. That objective should start with an inescapable nationwide rent freeze now.”



The Dáil resumes this afternoon, following the summer recess, with Leaders’ Questions starting at 2pm.

Proceedings can be watched live here.

Pic: Social Democrats

20 thoughts on “They’re Back

  1. Fred Dibnah

    I love this, closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

    Looking to be seen to do something

    Almost as poo as the Shinners tax break idea

  2. anne

    Did yiz hear that fupping bozo Karl Deeter say on Claire Byrne live last night that poor people won’t get rich by stealing from rich people & people just want ” free houses” when talking about social housing. what a fupping goon.

    This gov will be gone just on this issue. Tenants have zero rights. Landlords are allowed to gouge as they see fit. pressure zones my hoop, they enforce nothing. Renters are now a huge cohort of ppl.. they will be voting.

    1. Fergus the Magic Postman

      Didn’t hear him Anne, but that’s pretty much in line with how FG see things imo.

      They’ll be anticipating many more protests, and rather than address the issues causing them, they are more concerned with “dealing” with the protesters, without having to worry about the watchful eye of social media if they have their way when it comes to citizens photographing their foot soldiers.

    2. Donal

      FG can guarantee themselves a succesful or unsuccessful election next time round based on this one issue in my opinion. There are a huge number of more politically aware young people who are affected by the housing crisis, and they will vote for whoever fixes it.
      FG begin a massive house building plan, votes.
      FG allow rents continue to increase, no votes

      1. Donal

        Tenants don’t have zero rights.
        But, for long-term decent rent-paying tenants there is still very little security of tenure. The measures to provide security and prevent large rent increases are easily avoided by landlords. In my opinion this is where the largest anger comes from amongst those who rent, the fear that they will be forced into homelessness by a greedy landlord despite them being good tenants.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          feck all compared to France where renting is the norm,
          way more explicit laws on every angle from both a renters and owners obligations

  3. Alan McGee

    Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Alan Kelly introduced ‘A New Deal for Tenants’ plan in November 2015 which saw a 2 year rent freeze.

    Minister Simon Coveney took the reigns May 2016. 12 months in the roll. Could at the very least extend the ‘New deal for tenants’. Chose to do nothing.

    Current Minister Eoghan Murphy took over June 2017. Currently 15 months in the roll. Under his ministry the ‘New deal for tenants’ expired some 8 months ago allowing landlords to once again raise rents in an already unsustainable market.

    I’m no supporter of Labour or Alan Kelly but make no mistake he was the last minister to do the public a service. Coveney, Murphy, Fine Gael have worse than done nothing they have undone the small benefit that was created.

    It’s indefensible and yet when Sinn Fein table the no confidence, Fianna Fail will back Murphy.

    People need to cop on.

  4. Starina

    Saw Black 47 over the weekend and every time somebody sniveled that they were just doing their job (eg starving people to death), I thought of all the commentors who make excuses for gouging landlords or say “sure you’d do it too if you could”

  5. Jonkel

    Anne Marie McNally wants a rent FREEZE?
    At the highest levels rents have been at in HISTORY? Is she for real? We need rent caps not freezes! Wait – maybe she’s a landlord, like most of our public representatives?

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