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From top: Soc Dem Dublin City Councillor Gary Gannon (left) leaving last Monday’s council meeting under Garda protection; resolution from Soc Dem students.

Last night.


Via DCU Soc Dems

Ronan Emmet writes:

‘I won’t be supporting any Soc Dem candidates after this disappointing vote. So much promise as a party, but it’s all optics it seems. The electorate are coming for you and you underestimate the damage this has done your party. You won’t have any new TDs elected in Dublin…’


Yesterday: Passed Under Garda Protection

Sinn Féin TD Eoin Ó Broin tweetz:

A lot confusion over figures involved in O’Devaney Gardens deal. [Above] is a table based on the [city council] manager’s report from yesterday. It shows that there is no affordable purchase or rental homes in the deal and the massive gains for Bartra from land value extraction and profit.



O’Devaney Gardens site in Dublin 7; at a Dublin City Council meeting last night; Social Democrats councillor Gary Gannon being escorted last night from the meeting as he was followed by protestors against a deal over the site

Last night.

At a meeting of Dublin City Council in Dublin City Hall.

Activists entered the chamber of city hall in a reported attempt to stop a council vote to ratify a €7million deal with developers Bartra Capital for the regeneration of O’Devaney Gardens in Dublin 7.

The vote went ahead despite the protest and the deal was approved by 39 votes to 18.

Olivia Kelly, in The Irish Times, reports this morning:

“The deal, which was approved by 39 votes to 18, will see more than 800 new homes on the site of the former flat complex close to the Phoenix Park, 30 per cent of them to be used for social housing and 20 per cent for affordable purchase.

“The remaining 50 per cent are described as “developer units”, which Bartra can sell at a profit.”

Some councillors who voted in favour of the deal, including Social Democrats councillor Gary Gannon, were escorted from the meeting by gardai after it concluded.


From the Social Democrats’ manifesto in this year’s local elections…


Former Dublin City Councillor with the Workers’ Party Éilís Ryan tweeted last night…

“So, it’s a done deal. The Green Party, Labour, Social Democrats, through either ignorance or malice, have sold off the last hope for public housing in Dublin City. They have reminded me, once again, why I am a socialist – not a “social democrat.” Compromise is not a good plan in 2019.

“I broke down the numbers of their so-called “affordable” housing” deal – a €150K/unit public handout to Bartra capital for affordable purchase, and “affordable rental” purchased for €500K/unit by the state – requiring rents of €1,600/month.

“€1600 / month for 30 years is the rent that will be required to repay the cost of those €500,000 units we are buying from Bartra.

“And at €1,600/month, the rent will be 60% the average household income in Dublin.

“We gave them our land, now we are buying housing back from them, covering their profits while we are at it.

“It’s a developer’s dream come true.

“Was there an alternative? In 2016, a majority of city councillors supported my Workers’ Party motion for mixed income, public housing on the site.

“Then they backed down.”

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Co-leaders of the Social Democrats Róisín Shortall and Catherine Murphy

This afternoon.

Politicians are returning to the Dáil after the summer break with Leaders’ Questions set to begin at 2pm.

Meanwhile, on the plinth…


Watch Dáil proceedings live from 2pm here

Pic: Gavan Reilly

This morning.

The Boiler House, Ballymun Road., Ballymun, Dublin 9.

The Social Democrats’ pre-Dáil Think-In at the Rediscovery Centre with, above, from left Catherine Murphy‎ ‎TD‎, Cllr Nuala Killeen (Leixlip) and Róisín Shortall TD.

More as they think it.

Soc Dems: Gov needs to ensure ordinary people don’t pay price of Brexit (Irish Examiner)




Gresham Hotel, Dublin 1

Scenes from the third Social Democrats National Conference.

In a joint statement, co leaders Catherine Murphy and Roisin Shorthall said:

“People are increasingly asking the question – where is Fine Gael taking us and is it really where we want to go?

We had many doorstep conversations at last months’ local elections about overspends on the Children’s Hospital and the National Broadband plan and people were dismayed at the laissez-faire attitude of Fine Gael to such colossal cost overruns while basic services are starved of critical investment.

People are seeing, more clearly than ever, the disparity between the politics of privilege and the lives of ordinary working people. The flathúleach approach of the spin-perfect glossy privilege of Fine Gael is at odds with the daily lives of those working to stand still.

Fine Gael pay lip-service to a so-called squeezed middle but they never put any squeeze on those at the very top of the tree. And, for most people who are not at the top of that tree, the current government has failed.”

Fine Gael failing people who feel their ordinary aspirations are a pipe-dream (Social Democrats)


From top: Gary Gannon; The former Magdalene Laundry, Sean McDermott Street, Dublin 1

Dublin City Council Social Democrats led by Councillor Gary Gannon have secured agreement on the development of “a multipurpose site of conscience” at the former Magdalene Laundry on Seán McDermott Street.

Cllr Gannon said:

“During my last term as a City Councillor, Dublin City Council stopped the sale of the last surviving Magdalene Laundry in State ownership…

I am immensely proud to say that as part of the Dublin Agreement, which will be Council policy for the next five years, we have secured an agreement on the development of a multipurpose site of conscience…

Work has already begun in listening to the views of survivors, their families and women’s groups to develop plans for the site that recognise the social, cultural and personal history that it symbolises.

“This opportunity allows us to repurpose this building into a physical space where future generations can touch the walls and know that what occurred in these institutions were not exaggerated.”

In fairness.

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Social Democrat European Election candidate and Dublin City Councillor Gary Gannon

Tom Burke writes

Our promo (above) for Gary Gannon is having a little moment on Twitter and is already up to 50,000 hits. As you might remember it is a door by door remake of his election video from few years back….

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 Dublin City Councillor with Social Democrats Gary Gannon and journalist Philip O’Connor

Stockholm-based journalist Philip O’Connor, of the blog Our Man in Stockholm, will be contending the selection convention of the Dublin Social Democrats branch for a run at the European Elections this May.

Social Democrats Dublin City Councillor Gary Gannon is also seeking a nomination to run in the European Elections for Dublin.

It follows reports in the Sunday Business Post on March 3, 2019, that it was understood Mr O’Connor was “in talks” with the party.

In the same newspaper, journalist Hugh O’Connell reported that Mr Gannon had threatened to quit the party if it decides to withdraw support from its local election candidate Ellie Kisyombe, following a report in the Sunday Times on February 17 concerning Ms Kisyombe’s background.

Mr Gannon told the newspaper:

“If Ellie is not a candidate for the Social Democrats, then neither will I be.”


Pics: Philip O’Connor and Gary Gannon

Previously: Deep Purple

From left: Róisín Shortall TD, Annmarie McNally, Catherine Murphy TD, Carly Bailey, of the Social Democrats during the abortion referendum; Ellie Kisyombe

Aaron Rogan, in The Times Ireland edition, reports:

The Social Democrat branch running the election campaign of Ellie Kisyombe, a Malawian asylum seeker, has restated its support for her in spite of continued controversy.

The Sunday Times has reported that the two most senior executives of the party resigned after a disagreement over plans to hold an internal review into Ms Kisyombe’s background. The paper had reported that she had given journalists inaccurate information.

Joe O’Connor, the party chairman, and Carly Bailey, vice-chairwoman, resigned after a meeting of the party’s national executive on Friday at which the decision to hold the review was taken.

The pair had disagreed with Catherine Murphy and Róisín Shortall, the party’s TDs and co-leaders, who favoured a review. Yesterday Chris Bond, who represents Dublin South West on the national executive, resigned.


Third Social Democrat quits over Ellie Kisyombe review (The Times Ireland edition)