Two-Speed Ireland


You report that the United Nations has found that Ireland is one of the best places to live. According to the UN’s Human Development Programme Index, we sit behind only Norway, Switzerland and Australia.

This is very strange because, based on a lifetime of reading The Irish Times and listening to RTÉ, I had assumed I lived in a backward, misogynistic, capitalist hellhole.

Karl Martin,
Dublin 13.

Ireland and living conditions (Irish Times letters page)

6 thoughts on “Two-Speed Ireland

    1. Rob_G

      The poorest in Ireland have a better standard of living than 90% of the world’s population; the govt will give you enough free money to live at reasonably comfortable standard of living, and also put you up in a nice hotel if you have nowhere to live. And, if you are persistent enough, and have enough kids, they will usually eventually give you a free house along with the free money.

      There is no time limit to the govt’s munificent bounty; you can (and many do) live this life until the end of their days, having never worked a day in their lives, nor contributed a red cent.

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