A Take Back The City rally in August (top) and last week (video above)


The Take Back The City housing activist group are holding a ‘National Day of Action’ with events taking place across the country.

Supporters will gather at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin at 1pm; in Balbriggan, Dublin at 2pm; at Bishop Lucey Park in Cork at 12.30pm; in Belfast City Hall at 11.30am; on O’Connell Street in Sligo at 12.30pm; and on West Street in Drogheda, Co Louth at 10am.

More as they announce it.

Take Back The City

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


A map detailing all of the Take Back The City events taking place across Ireland tomorrow.

Via Take Back The City (Dublin)

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11 thoughts on “Free Tomorrow?

  1. stephen c

    What do we want – free houses, where do we want them – nice parts of south Dublin, who should pay for them – anyone but us.

    1. Col

      I don’t want a free houses, but I think the government should encourage the building of enough homes to meet current supply. Is that an unreasonable assumption.

      1. stephen c

        yeah, this group lost the ability to say that as soon as they gave a platform to that traveller woman with 7 kids who was stopped while drunk in a car handling stolen goods before.

    1. stephen c

      the ‘evil’ cromwellian era landlords of course, who are all millionaires and doing this for the craic, not somebody trying to prop up their retirement who is barely covering a mortgage.

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