16 thoughts on “Ah Now

  1. Starina

    That horse is a big breed and is probably well able for pulling a chassis of that weight…but that thing is definitely gonna tip backwards (or sideways) and pull the horse with it.


    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Ahhhhhhhh. Now I feel bad for laughing at it because of all you animal lovers pointing out the strain on the poor horsie.

  2. SOQ

    That is srt8 down the line animal abuse. The weight of that van, especially if the engine is still in it is very heavy and there is no brakes so the horse could be killed or badly injured going down a hill.

  3. Anomanomanom

    And that’s a surprise why? Ireland has a long history of abuse against these animals. We tend to play it off as “ah sure its part of our culture to own horses”, why do you need to Register a dog but not a horse. Why do the garda allow them to break red lights, on numerous occasions I’ve seen garda just watch and say nothing.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That’s true. Sulkies taking up a whole lane with a slab of Bud on the back, breaking lights, stopping suddenly for a dump. Gardaí just let it go – I believe out of fear of confrontation. The majority of urban cowboys are not the ‘salt o’ de earth’ people dreamily think they are.

    2. Well horse?

      Any horse legally kept in Dublin should be microchipped have a horse passport, be licensed by DCC and the premises where the horse is kept registered with the Dept of Agriculture and inspected by a vet.

      1. postmanpat

        Registration of anything is against the traveler ethos. They’re outlaws protected under ethnic diversity laws. They have freedom to be cruel to animals, to question it is to be racist . Travelers have a deeply rich and interesting history that needs to be protected and part of our future. Any old way of life should be protected. no matter how criminal or antisocial, outdated or intermarried and prone to suicide , slave ownership and …weirdly noticeable absence of children or adults with outwardly looking mental or physical birth defects, but maybe the absolute statistical certainty of this occurring given a population doesn’t apply to travelers , because of magic and certainly not discreet disposal of anomalies. But .but . lets get back to the issue. You want to force these proud people to kind to animals when they weren’t before? These modern heroes? The last or the truly , TRULY free bastions of liberty? For shame sir, good day.

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