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Non Binary Star writes:

The Irish Universities’ Association Equality Network’s eLearning programme on Living Equality & Diversity. Only recognises gender binarism. LEAD (Living Equality and Diversity) is an e-learning equality training programme designed specifically for those working in the university sector in Ireland. *FacePalm*.

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      1. frankensteins_lazy_brother

        Right, but there are stil only actually two genders. It doesn’t matter how many different words we use to describe how people feel, there are actually only two.

        1. Dough Berman

          ‘Gender’ was originally exclusively a grammatical term, and English, just for example, has a neutral gender ‘it’. The idea that ‘gender’ is some pre-existing reality separate from human perception is just inaccurate.

          To the extent that you’re conflating ‘gender’ and ‘sex’, you may want to read up on intersex individuals, various genetic and chromosomal conditions etc. In a shocking twist, the world is more complex than as explained to you as a five-year-old.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Read Alice Dreger’s Gallileo’s Middle Finger which covers both the activist and science of intersex and the medical approaches to it.

            Through her work with both trans activists and scientists, they helped put an end to genital surgery on infants born intersex or with obscure genitalia. The book tells her story of that journey.

  1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    The worked on the creation of a data warehouse for a multinational, the demography feed had over 30 possible genders. I never knew.

  2. Leon Down


    The pattern of clusters of teens in friend groups becoming transgender-identified, the group dynamics of these friend groups and the types of advice viewed online led her to the hypothesis that friends and online sources could spread certain beliefs. Examples include the belief that non-specific symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable in their own skins or feeling like they don’t fit in — which could be a part of normal puberty or associated with trauma — should be perceived as gender dysphoria; the belief that the only path to happiness is transition; and the belief that anyone who disagrees with the teen is transphobic and should be cut out of their life.

    “Of the parents who provided information about their child’s friendship group, about a third responded that more than half of the kids in the friendship group became transgender-identified,” Littman said. “A group with 50 percent of its members becoming transgender-identified represents a rate that is more 70 times the expected prevalence for young adults.”

    Additionally, 62 percent of parents reported their teen or young adult had one or more diagnoses of a psychiatric disorder or neurodevelopmental disability before the onset of gender dysphoria. Forty-eight percent reported that their child had experienced a traumatic or stressful event prior to the onset of their gender dysphoria, including being bullied, sexually assaulted or having their parents get divorced.

    This suggests that the drive to transition expressed by these teens and young adults could be a harmful coping mechanism like drugs, alcohol or cutting, Littman said. With harmful coping mechanisms, certain behaviors are used to avoid feeling negative emotions in the short term, but they do not solve the underlying problems and they often cause additional problems, she noted.

    1. Clampers Outside!


      ” Figures published by the Gender Identity Development Service, an NHS group that supports children experiencing “difficulties in the development of their gender identity”, show that the number of referrals each year has risen from 97 in 2009/10 to 2,519 in 2017/18.

      The number of girls receiving referrals increased from 40 to 1,806, while the number of boys rose from 56 to 713.”


  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    How about;

    Under review
    Prefer not to say

    Any offence take by the above?
    Maybe the order will upset someone.

        1. rotide

          For this specific webform, you could argue that maybe it might be worth having for the .00001% who might actually use it.

          However, it’s a stock form that’s used in a million other websites and changing it probably wasn’t in the budget.

  4. BS

    there are only 2 sexes
    there are many genders because gender is a non scientific term and people have just made up their own terms because they feel they are a different gender to the social constructs around gender.

    so should they put more genders there? no. they should change the term to “what sex are you”

    1. Starina

      Tell me, Clamps, where does transphobia and hating on non-binary people fit in with Men’s Rights and improvement of men’s mental health?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Science is sexist now, OK.

        Maybe you should read Gallileos Middle Finger, by Alice Seeger. Great book, a bit waffle in parts but overall a good read, and shows both sides of the debate.

        I’m sticking with the science, not the activism, after having read it.

        On the transphobia question, I wouldn’t know.
        Maybe you too, should ask yourself about the many trans persons who want to be the gender they are not, whether MTF or FTM, and the many of them who see this multiple gender activism as a threat as it brings much unwanted attention (easily googled). What do you say to those trans persons? Eh…
        That’s rhetorical btw, just read up!

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Next you’ll be telling me John Money and his work in the 50s makes him a scientist, and Judith Butler’s work too !

            Money was a sick individual, and it was he who split the meanings of the words, and that was later resurrected by “sociologists”*. Butler is not much better, imo.

            *These so called sociologists were activists.

            Neither the activists nor Money were scientists.

          2. Dough Berman

            “Money was a sick individual, and it was he who split the meanings of the words”

            “To talk of persons or creatures of the masculine or feminine gender, meaning of the male or female sex, is either a jocularity (permissible or not according to the context) or a blunder.”

            -Fowler’s Modern English Usage, 1926 Edition

            People would do well to remember that Clampers Outside being comparatively articulate does not, in any sense, imply he has the first notion what he’s talking about. He absolutely does not.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            I stand corrected! He wasn’t first to split them, what he was one of the first in his field…

            “He was one of the first scientists to study the psychology of sexual fluidity and how the societal constructs of “gender” affect an individual. ”

            Forgive the source, Wikipedia :)

          4. Dough Berman

            So what you mean to say, then, is that he was among the first to take the grammatical term ‘gender’ and apply it to humans in an official capacity. Which is like, the exact opposite of what you were so authoritatively saying like two hours ago.

            Remind me why people should listen to you about this again?

          5. Clampers Outside!

            Just because he applied his theory, and that’s all it was, and he being a whack job, doesn’t mean he was right as you are clearly assuming.

            I am simply disagreeing as many do, many of whom are actual scientists, not social scientists.

          6. Clampers Outside!

            And then you’ve trolls like Nigel who imply that disagreement with a theory implies “hate”.

            its like feminist theory preaches that “mathematics is patriarchal” and that therefore science, and scientific method, is sexist. Logic has no place in the heads of those with such buffoonery :)

          7. Dough Berman

            I think it’s abundantly clear logic has very little to do with your thought process too, mate. Tell us more about Pizzagate, lol.

          8. Dough Berman

            You were certainly pushing it, and I’ve already won by exposing you as a bullpoo artist talking loudly about things he knows nothing of, making absurdly ahistorical claims with this carefully-struck air of sagacity etc. You can HAHAHA I’M ACTUALLY LAUGHING all you like, mate. The smell of crazy doesn’t wash out easy, so enjoy that.

      2. Nigel

        ‘What do you say to those trans persons? Eh…’

        Breaking a personal moratorium here, and not looking for a debate. I hope the mods won’t let this thread get too horrible. Treat this as a statement of principle:

        I would say cis people of good will need to help to create an environment where trans people do not live in fear of unwanted attention brought about by being active in their own interests, or by merely existing.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Yes, which is why one should reject modern feminist ideology when it, and it’s thought leaders, like “Professor” Suzanna Danuta Walters, write articles expressing their frustration with not being allowed to hate. As was published in mainstream media asking “why can’t we hate men?”

            Good to know you reject such despicable nonsense.

        1. BS

          I find being labelled as “cis” greatly upsetting and disgusting. Please respect my view and refrain from using that word. Don’t assume to identify me.

          Is what stupid people who refuse to accept that there are 2 sexes, and no such thing as being “cis” exists in science.

  5. deluded

    I’m not one for the YouTubers but Natalie Parrot of “ContraPoints” has a wonderful, bittersweet take on this fraught subject.
    (Broadsheet had an interview with her not too long ago).

  6. Blo Jo Brexit

    Why not just have a field labelled “Gender Identification”? With options Male, Female, Non-binary, My Business.

    Or why ask at all?

    It used to be called “Sex”, but too many people selected “Yes, please”.

  7. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I like ordering from Boden as, under Title, they have Earl, Baronet, Wing Commander etc etc. The entire English class system summed up in a drop-down menu.

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