The Shrine Of Their Lies


Seating for Hozier at the Olympia Theatre in december

Hozier tickets update.

Alan O’Regan writes:

 General release 9am this morning. 9am rolls around: all tickets gone. For all 3 nights!

Not the most important thing in the world I know but an absolute disgraceful state of affairs. I fear the only ones crying power are Ticketmaster…

Hozier at the Olympia Theatre (Ticketmaster)

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23 thoughts on “The Shrine Of Their Lies

  1. ivan

    Yup, tried to get 2 tix and same thing. They went *remarkably* fast.

    In other news, somebody blew the whistle on this rather strange looking thing that doesn’t have any spiel on the front page and you’ve to get a call back to get in

    They’re denying there’s anything iffy about it, mind…

    (I’m aware it’s a US centric issue at the moment)

  2. Nilbert

    what the f-word does ‘crying power’ mean?

    I was having enough trouble digesting ‘speaking truth to power’… and now this?

    speaking truth to @()/\?s more like….

  3. Spud

    Artist of the moment play gigs in small venue – sells out in seconds.
    No real surprise.

    It’s always been like this and it’s worse now due to Dublin’s young and wealthy population and number of users on TM mobile way higher than before due to smartphone use.
    High profile gigs are also become just fodder for ‘likes’ and the ‘insta’ generation.

    If it’s an artist you really want to see, try and see them in another city or country.
    It’ll probably work out cheaper than a tout, and you’ll get to see somewhere different!

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      good point Spud, just make sure you pick a country the audience don’t tell ya to shush if it’s a dancy have a bop kinda band ;) fecking feckers

    2. Dhod

      The insta thing is an international epidemic. I was lucky enough to get tickets to Shane MacGowan’s 60th gig in the concert hall. Some dude in front of me watched the whole thing through his phone. What a waste.
      One of the highlights of nick cave in kilmainham in June was him getting up close to someone in the front row and roaring ‘put the f**king phone down!’

  4. Baz

    Don’t sweat it, Hozier will be performing for free at some last minute misguided social justice event somewhere soon enough and then again and again

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      if I didn’t know better you’d be suggesting social justice is a bad thing a bit like being PC

    2. millie st murderlark

      And what do you plan on doing? Aside from the obnoxious sneering, which btw, is such a good look on you

  5. Anomanomanom

    You wont be missing much. He was not great live when I seen him. But everyone always sounds better in the Olympia.

  6. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Lady Bertie wants to go to see Marti Pellow, sadly it’s not sold out.

    (I’m kidding, I actually don’t mind him, he has a decent voice)

    1. missred

      Hmm, Marti is a bit of a no-surrender type, but if he makes one’s spouse happy, we will make such sacrifices

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    If Hozier fans are left disappointed, why not spend the cash on tickets to the many up and coming bands gigging in the city every day of the week? Some great stuff out there.

  8. TwinksLover

    Standard marketing. They know he’s in demand for a big gig. If he was in a big venue it *might* not sell out lightning fast. Shove him in Olympia/vic st. Cue outrage.
    Nicely setup for the big outdoor gig next summer.
    And avoid the pi€€ing contest of “well I saw him in the Olympia”
    Why the fuss anyway. He’s a homeless busker who put his song over a video that went viral

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