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        1. Abigail

          That’s really insulting just because people are not from Dublin doesn’t mean they are completely backwards

  1. Cú Chulainn

    That Corbyn is a Trotsky trog. A complete fool. Corbyn or May ? Or a Boris.. ? Each as bad in their own way. Where did it go so wrong for GB.. ?

    1. stephen

      Corbyn is the true face of the labour party
      I personally like him
      The elite of the labour party hate him and are trying everything to unseat him
      The Brits are leaving full stop and now its just a matter of how hard brexit will be
      Lets pray its soft

      1. SOQ

        Well I have quite a feel for the British LGBT+ and they are militantly remain at this stage. What’s scary about the whole thing is remain is still growing and yet, at least at the moment, there is no party representing their views. Then again, there is really only two but Labour will come good and the reason is that poorer people will be disproportionately affected. They are way more likely to get the blow back when it goes belly up.

        But even the terms hard and soft mean little. Does soft equal remaining customs and free travel? Does hard equal closed borders with designated entry/exit?

        What is interesting is that after twenty years of ROI mobile networks covering up to twenty miles into NI, all of a sudden new masks have been installed to clip at the border. Some of these masks have been installed on GAA grounds which is stupidity beyond belief. There will be no post Brexit free roaming enforced by the EU of course.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            And what does the + stand for ?
            I struggle to keep up with the vagaries of human sexuality these days.
            If you’re a bloke like me you either prefer to horse it into a bint or a fellow bloke depending on your persuasion.
            That’s a 50/50 choice depending on how the good lord dealt you your genes.
            But now the equation seems a lot more complicated.
            Asking for a friend.

          2. SOQ

            Because minority groups have always looked to Europe for enforcement of their rights. In Ireland, both NI and ROI were forced to legalise homosexuality after cases were taken to European courts.

            Since the Brexit vote, the number of violent assaults against LGBT+ members has skyrocketed. The rise of the far right in England has left people naturally concerned because if Britain leaves, those rights can be rolled back on, and they probably will.

  2. Blo Jo Brexit

    What’s going to happen to all this Indo/Telegraph “Orla Kiely dress worn by Kate/Kiera/Amy/insert name of thin woman with woman” horse sh!te now? “Duchess of Cambridge wears Dunnes Stores (aka Kiely licenced dress with garish spots printed in China?”)

    Asking for a friend who shops in TK Maxx who doesn’t want to have to listen to Marian Finucane for the answer.

    And not a word in the media about the people who lost their jobs as the (printed) curtains close., natch…

  3. Romeo C

    Looks like Keith Harrison and Nick Keogh have been telling the truth about their allegations all along according to The Times……will be explosive stuff when it’s gone onto in detail from that article

      1. Abigail

        I find a few press ups keeps me warm when I’m working in the garden on a cool day. I see the gent next-door peering down at me sometimes, he thinks I’m away with the fairies!

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Someone’s been doing the gardening on here anyway.Whole swathes of Brexit posts scythed.
      Is it the weekend intern on again ?

      1. bisted

        …@comical Ollie…I left about 1.30…seemed like you were being savaged by a sad old sheep at that time…

        1. SOQ

          Oh look at you big man. It’s all a laugh among professional comics is it? Why not go the whole hog and just redirect broadsheet.ie to failedcomics.ie eh?

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Sillypants Facebook… and Leo…

    “New emails show how Facebook repeatedly asked the government to give it copies of records being released under FOI.

    Eventually the tech giant asked that records be shared in advance so it could request redactions.

    The government acceded to the request.”

    via Hugh OConnell Sunday Biz Post

  5. johnny

    Digicel DeathWatch Update-Digicel due to its failed IPO remains a private company, it is incredibly secretive,with a truly byzantine corporate structure, its like a ‘board’ in a Netflix murder mystery, with various lines going here and there.This is simply an attempt to shed some light on what’s going on,the the current deadline for the proposed bond swap is this coming Friday.

    Denis O’Brien owns 94% of Digicel group, with both Moodys and Fitch recently cutting its ratings.

    (info from IPO link below)

    Digicel Group Limited (DGL)
    1-2020 Notes.
    Sept 2012 DGL issued and sold 1.5 Billion at 8.25% due Sept 2020
    -Dec 2013 DGL added 500 Million
    Total DGL20 2 Billion
    (this note/bond will be referred to as the DGL20-52 week high 99,low 62.

    The DGL20 has restrictions on DGL and certain subsidiaries :
    -incur additional indebtedness
    -make certain payments, including dividends or other distributions or prepayments of subordinated debt
    -make certain investments or sell assets
    -create certain liens
    -provide guarantees for certain debt
    -enter into restrictions on the payment of dividends and other amounts by subsidiaries
    -engage in certain transactions with affiliates;
    -consolidate, amalgamate, merge or transfer all or substantially all of DGL’s assets; and
    enter into other lines of business.

    2-April 2014 DGL issued and sold 1 Billion at 7.125 % due April 2022
    Total DGL22 1Billion-DGL22.

    Same restrictions as the DGL20.

    DGL’s 3 Billion debt above is subordinate (behind) the 3.7 Billion of DL and DIFL debt below.

    note: Digicel Limited has notes outstanding off almost 1 Billion
    Digicel International Finance has notes outstanding off almost 1 Billion.
    Digicel Pacific Limited has notes outstanding
    Digicel Pacific Finance Limited has notes outstanding

    The total debts outstanding or owed by Denis O’Brien and Digicel, based on info in the public domain is estimated at 6.7 Billion with 95% in US Dollars.These bonds have been the worst performing emerging market bonds in 2018 losing almost 30% of their value year to date.The ongoing dollar strengthening has impacted Digicel significantly,its revenue are in local currency (Haiti 16%,Jamaica 16%,Papa New Guinea 13%).

    Basically,Dennis owes his creditors US Dollars but collects from those poor people in improvised countries, picking up nickels and pennies in their local currency.

    Link to IPO: https://www.nasdaq.com/markets/ipos/filing.ashx?filingid=10778600#D946689DF1_HTM_ROM946689_21

    These are the notes/bonds that are in the news as Denis has failed to refinance them-in essence Digicel/Dennis O’Brien can’t or won’t pay these debts back-leading to the moniker Deadbeat Dennis :)

    Investor sentiment towards Dennis and Digicel in NY is incredibly negative, with Digi’s performance continuing to worsen and numerous announcements of ‘asset sales’,which so far haven’t closed, they have slashed the local workforce by 25% which has created very bad press in local markets,with a increasing focus on the 1 Billion Denis stripped out of Digi.

    What Denis and Digicel has proposed is extending the maturity (repayment) date off these bonds, its often referred to as ‘extend and pretend’.What that means is -hey can we extend the date on these bond and pretend everything is fine….the bondholders have said FFS !

    After running out of time and with no prospect to refinancing these bonds,Dennis has decided to swap them for ‘new’ bonds.

    In order to do that Denis/Digicel has to offer a ‘sweeter’ or in Wall St parlance-what’s in it for me!

    The original swap proposal was to expire on Sept 14-a revised one was released which expires this coming Friday 28 Sept-link below.I will try over next few days outline the various options for Dennis and Digs-but its going be a very long week.

    The bondholders have retained extremely prominent and highly regarded law firms Aiken,Grump and the fearsome firm Milbank,Tweed plus debt restructuring expert Moelis to represent them. Denis has Les Buckley advising him- I’m not kidding!


    FYI-I only used one ‘name’ on here, can’t stand Lord O’Reilly,I dont get paid do this have no skin in this game.

      1. Johnny

        No problem Abigail,this Friday an offer from Digicel to extend 3 Billion off debt expires,if the bond holders reject the offer (highly probable) Digicel has few if any other options,they most likely will be seeking protection from creditors via filling bankruptcy-hope this helps.
        You could simply wait for part 2-but good question:)

  6. johnny

    Broadsheet-I’ve no edit function and my write up on Digi just seems too ‘disappear’ -heading out but will try post part 2 later-but no edit is annoying-any chance you guys can look into it-tks.
    there are some links (two) maybe its in moderation-please edit/correct typos :)

          1. Johnny

            Thanks,now that I’ve figured out (clampers)how to have a edit function,I can have some fun,assumed wrongly I was heavily moderated,apols Bodger/Broadsheet-maybe even avoid coming across as semi-literate,but not promising that.

    1. SOQ

      More probably to do with your local device(s) johnny. Post on one then give a minute then check on the other. If it appears as posted then return to the original then edit. Mobile/tablet is not a stable platform so if possible, use a laptop for things you feel are of priority.

      Once an IT man etc…

      1. millie st murderlark

        There is definitely a knack to the app. I prefer it to the desktop version but it’s a bit finicky.

        1. SOQ

          I never use the app version of anything. Apps are usually tested on one version of one android platform on one type of mobile and then… quelle surprise when it doesn’t work. Besides, on principle, if someone wants your business then they pay for the processing power because there is no need for a data cache on your local device.

          1. ReproButina

            Hey hey hey! Y2K was no con! Y2K was a potentially massive issue that people worked to prevent. Nothing major happened because people like me fixed it. You’re welcome.

      2. johnny

        Thank you both,and I do owe Bodger/Broadsheet an apology for whining and moaning about ‘edit’,when it was all my fault or my end-so apologies to the Broadsheet team.

        I don’t trade/research ‘bonds’ for a living,I’m actually a farmer (indoor),but did have a short stop at a distressed debt shop,so picked up a little info on this area.Because that I have access or can ask a BFF for any the research on Digi.

        If anyone has any questions on Digi-happy answer them to best my knowledge.

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