Sit Down Next To Me


This afternoon.

Dublin city centre.

Scenes from The Take back The City Rally highlighting the housing and homeless crisis, which included a sit-down protest which closed traffic on O’Connell Bridge.

Yesterday: Masking The Reality



Was it for this?

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33 thoughts on “Sit Down Next To Me

  1. dylaad

    Good on them. Similar action needed in other cities. No doubt we will be hearing platitudes from official Ireland, including the various quangos who, for reason of job security want nothing to actually change.

    1. Dermie

      You wouldn’t say that if you were sitting on a bus on Westmoreland street on way to the airport to catch a flight which you subsequently missed because of these Morons blocked traffic on the bridge. Protesting is one thing and I’m all for it but blocking the traffic and taking it out on innocent people is a new low for this crowd

    1. Brother Barnabas

      who the fupp comes across a pigeon head and thinks “that might come in useful… I’ll stick it in my pocket for later”?

    2. Blo Jo Brexit


      Tough Brits, huh. Tubby blokes picking on Irish women. Thank God they’ll be in the “special” passport lane at entry points and away from the rest of us soon.

      Where’s the Irish Times podcast on this?

        1. Jen

          The same Kitty Holland who refuses, time and time again, to criticize her own newspaper and their disgraceful profiteering from the housing bubble in the Celtic Tiger times and now? Yeah, she’s a gem.

          1. Jen

            Yes, she could. Stephen Collins and Peter Murtagh (odious as they are) have both criticized Irish Times editorials and IT colleagues (Murtagh heavily criticized Lorna SIggins’ coverage for the IT of the Shell to Sea campaign). Kitty Holland is someone who gestures to things, makes noises, etc., but when it comes to more than gesturing, good luck. I don’t say this with any satisfaction, I used to think she was one of the good people, until I saw how she consistently let people down. Ask any of the precarious staff at the IT.

          2. Blo Jo Brexit

            Fair point.

            As the daughter of Eamon McCann and Mary Holland she would fall into the protected class of the Presbyterian Notes narrative, so she could say what she likes without fear of being reprimanded by the IT. She also has the Phoenix Magazine whingebag FFbot machine covering her back as they criticise Gemma O’Doherty.

  2. small ads

    That man is exactly how one particular Broadsheet commenter presents in my imagination when I read the comments.

  3. Blo Jo Brexit

    Huge turnout and support from the Silicon Docks MNC brigade I see.

    Help me out on the pictures – which ones are Glen Hansard and Hozier again?

  4. Liam Deliverance

    The fookin’ state of those 4 tossers, do they all have the same blind wife and she took turns dressing them this morning?

    1. stephen c

      +1 this is the real life equivalent of Facebook likes and shares to cure a kids cancer.

      If this lot really wanted to help, they’d get daddy (many of whom are landlords) to invest in an affordable housing project.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    For a while I lived in a couple of former communist countries. One thing they had in common was housing – they had a standard template that people lived in. For example, a multi-storey apartment block had three apartments on each floor. On the left twas a 3 bedroom, on the right a 2 bedroom and in front a 1 bedroom apartment. All were identical, and I occasionally was in identical ones in countries as removed as Russia, Poland, and Serbia (point of film trivia: they filmed one of the Bourne films in Berlin to emulate Moscow, because of this identical architecture).They were not beautiful, but they worked

    Does this mean I want to be communist? Or have awful housing? No! But it does mean it can be done, and at scale.

    So why don’t we do it?

  6. Starina

    I was at this for about an hour, scurried away as soon as the acoustic guitar came out. We need rage, not crusty singalongs. But it’s a start anyway.

    Apparently the Brits walked through a crowd of lads to get to the young ladies sitting down, in order to throw the pidgeon head at them. Real brave. Whopper weekend for Brits on Parade, really, what with the hen group also spotted roaming around wearing Madeleine McCann masks.

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