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  1. Blo Jo Brexit

    Don’t think much of Pat Rabbite’s new look on the front page of The Times. Helen Mirren’s also aged badly.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    More than a year ago I took excellent odds on Jeremy Hunt as the next leader of the Conservative Party.
    Boris is still the bookies’ favourite but Hunt is a good outside gamble as a compromise unifying candidate.
    Currently guiding May away from her ludicrous Chequers gambit towards a Canada-type deal.
    10/1 still good odds.
    And a very good morning to everyone on BS.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      An absolutely beautiful morning out west, sun low in the sky, chill in the air, beautiful colours abound. Fantastic stuff.

      Jeremy Corbyn, what a coward, won’t apologize for dragging Labour into an anti semitism poo show. Now he won’t state his position on Brexit. His People’s Vote nonsense could back fire

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Indeed – Corbyn faces very similar problems to May in trying to appease everyone in his party but pleasing no-one.
        He knows trying to reverse Brexit would lose him Northern constituencies but he needs the Momentum rabble of soap-dodgers and ranty wimmin to keep the Corbyn revolution alive.
        Meanwhile three-quarters of his parliamentary party can’t bear to be in the same room as him.
        That’s why yesterday’s compositing committee came up with such a vague motion for Tuesday’s Brexit debate.
        Labour still consistently trail in the polls however.

      2. SOQ

        The anti semitic thing was manufactured to the hilt. It kept them in the headlines while staying out of the tories swinging handbags at each other.

        He is saying that if the party vote to call for a second referendum, which they will, then he will back it. That’s pretty up front to me.

        Even if a second referendum never happens it is a good move because it covers them from the blow back once people really realise how Brexit will affect thier living standards.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Depends what’s on the ballot paper.
          John McDonell this morning said any second vote would be a choice between deal or no deal.
          Remaining in the EU would not be an option.
          It’s still official Labour Party policy to respect the Brexit referendum result – it was in their manifesto at the last GE.
          As for the anti-Semitic thing being manufactured try telling that to the Chief Rabbi in the UK and all those Jews who say they’ll leave the country if Corbyn gets in.
          It has dogged Corbyn all summer and shows no signs of going away.

          1. SOQ

            Looks like I was right. Remain will be an option in the Labour vote. No surprise really because if the figures are correct, and there is reason to doubt that they are not, 90% of Labour members are Remain. Corbyn had to bow, otherwise he would have been ousted.

            I predicted months ago that Labour would inch closer and closer to the Remain position. In a way this actually strengthens May’s hand because now she has some semblance of balance against the extremists in her own party…. you know, people like yourself.

            Oh and one other thing. I very much doubt if Corbyn is anti Jewish, anti Israel yes but the Jews have a long history within the labour movements.

        2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          If it was manufactured he could very easily take it apart and make it go away, but all he has done is make it worse. People in his own party have described him as an anti-Semite

  3. Lilly

    Paddy Cosgrave getting his bottom kicked by Audrey Carville on Morning Ireland. Did he raise the housing crisis with Leo when he met him at MoneyCom? Waffle, waffle, waffle… no.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      I have no gra for Cosgrave but Carville came out the worst from this encounter. She persistently pressed the question that he clearly didn’t want to answer (I think it’s clear from his deflection that the answer was “no”) – if only the staff at Pravda were so forthright and incisive in their questioning of elected representatives and those who are handsomely paid by the taxpayers to actually solve the housing crisis.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        I thought his point about… “I tweeted him…” was ridiculous :)

        Claiming twitter as a legitimate or any way an official communication method is off the charts ridiculous. But he did stick it back to RTE.

          1. Abigail

            my names Abigail and looks are important sweetie, we judge people based on our perception of them whether we are aware of it or not, this is why even though Johnny Keenan has a fine mind no one will ever listen to him

            but people will listen to Gemma if those bastards in FG would give her the opportunity

          2. millie st murderlark

            Looks are transient, hun. Just because someone are vacuous enough to fall for it, that doesn’t mean everybody does.

            Just coz Paddy looks like an innovative lad, that doesn’t automatically make him one.

          3. millie st murderlark

            My very good friend Anna Wintour will tell you it’s not.

            Unless by some miracle you happen to be David Bowie. Are you?

          4. Clampers Outside!

            How has he been so, and in what application to anything has he been “innovative” ?
            Truly genuine question, as I can’t see anything of the sort in anything he’s done, not even in the creation of his event, the summit.

          5. millie st murderlark

            Clamps, my dear sweet donut.

            Abi, my new favorite frenemy, is undoubtedly trolling. Or is actually Paddy himself. Possibly both, which would be gas altogether.

          6. millie st murderlark

            I wasnt intended cattily. I very much enjoy verbal sparring and almost all of my comments are intended with complete irreverence. Sorry if I offended, it certainly wasn’t meant that way at all

  4. Cú Chulainn

    Gangs using garages .. dear me.. has the IT fallen into an episode of the Sweeney c.1970.. next they’ll be saying they use taxis and even garda cars for the big stuff.. what planet do they live on. That’s the lead headline..

  5. martco

    a disappointing end to that Bodyguard last nite, they missed a trick, pity

    mostly the episodes were fairly entertaining but still nothing tops Night Manager

    1. Nigel

      You made your apology to me and I’ve told you we wouldn’t be doing our thing any more. Since then you’ve made reference to me as a troll, and now this lazy and stupid nonsense. To be clear – in the spirit of your apology of and your self-parodying inability to understand or accurately represent other people’s views, do me the courtesy of respecting my wishes and next time you feel like conjuring my name – don’t.

        1. Nigel

          You apologised for lying about me, and you are also lying about what I say in that link, even with the carefully truncated quote. You should apologise again, but what would be the point? You literally can’t read what’s in front of you. Please don’t reply to me again, or refer to me again, because you will almost certainly be lying, even if it’s just through sheer stupidity. If you feel like replying or referring to me, stop, try to remember the times I’ve stood up for you or defended you And. Just. Don’t.

          If you do feel like going for the last word here, have at it, otherwise you might explode or something, Go on, LOL or lie, or both. I’m done, doing this much was a waste, even. Hopefully after this you’ll exercise some self-control and WE’RE done.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            I apologised for a mistake of reading defence of antifa as support for them. Nothing more, I didn’t apologise for any lies, cause there were none. Unlike you here now, as before… ya pup!

            Again, K M A!

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    Britain’s Ministry of Defence today announced Britain has successfully tested AI sensors (attached to planes at 12,000 ft) that can track suspicious vehicle & human activity in urban environments.
    The hope is they’ll free up soldiers manning live feeds for other battlefield tasks & reduce human error.
    And apparently the Irish border is beyond technological solutions ….

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