Lost Homage To Catalonia


U2 concert screen collage containing images of Catalan independence supporters and Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Great Dictator’; Above the same collage in Madrid (@2.25)

Having announced that their current European tour would be based on standing up for “democratic European values”, the group’s concerts on the tours have opened with a powerful video collage of historical images on the theme of people power, accompanied by Charlie Chaplin’s famous pro-democracy speech from the film “The Great Dictator”.

However, the images of a huge Catalan crowd waving pro-independence estelada flags that appeared in the first concerts (above) on the tour had been chopped out before Thursday night’s show in Madrid…

U2 censor Catalan independence images from visuals for Madrid concerts (ElNacional.cat)

Thanks Ruadhan

4 thoughts on “Lost Homage To Catalonia

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Obviously, because it’s all about the big dumb show and getting the audience clapping like trained seals. You’d hardly expect U2 to have the courage of their (faked for cheers) Catalan Independence convictions and show it in Madrid!

    The pro-Brexit, Union Jack waving version for the London will probably be edited out for Dublin… hopefully.

  2. Joan

    Who’s ever taken U2 seriously? And even those few who did lost the faith when the boys moved their tax arrangements to more salubrious climes.

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