Early Evening Presidential Matters



Streamed LIVE earlier at 7pm.

After a tough campaign to get on the ticket, Gemma O’Doherty (top) joined us (above) and on our YouTube channel to discuss her reasons why she was denied a nominations to contest the Presidency of Ireland and her future plans.

Earlier: Exit Stage Left

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76 thoughts on “Early Evening Presidential Matters

    1. Joseph Craig

      why did she lie about a load of things including saying that she got my cousin Mary Boyle`s murder case re-opened ?? you certainly won’t find the answer on here that’s for sure

  1. A Person

    Can you please ask her to answer why: 1. It’s a so called undemocratic process if elected members do not support her, and 2. why BS are giving her such support, and is it something to do with ousted IMS journos?

    1. Blo Jo Brexit

      It’s not Reddit AMA we have on here, so you can ask what you like but you won’t get a reply …

      Honestly, we are above a president who feels that investigating tittle-tattle in Terenue College rugby togouts forms part of a manifesto for the position. The woman is badly advised.. I’m voting Sinn Fein’s Mise Eire candidate.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    I know we’re not supposed to say this but it would be nice to have a looker as the president.
    With a gay prime minister it would send a powerful message out celebrating modern Ireland.

    1. Blo Jo Brexit

      Agreed. A leader who looks like Boris Johnson would send out a powerful message about any modern country alright…

      A few pictures of a topless Michael D fly fishing in the River Liffey at Chapelizod would do wonders for his image and ours though – it worked for Mr Putin.

  3. Sheddie

    Logged in. Heard Gemma complaining to Broadsheet about people getting soft interviews on RTE. Had a good laugh and left it there.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    And now for something, completely different!

    In other news… “open beta beginning today for Fortnite (what else?), allowing “cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce” across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac.”

    Make it work, and bring it! Bring it wide! …to Battlefront and COD!

    Team PS4 gonna whoop some Xbox butt! :) Yo.

  5. Lilly

    Gemma is on fire! I hope she runs as an independent in the next GE. Part of the problem this time around, IMO, is that she was extremely defensive at the outset towards people who simply wanted to know what she was about. But she seems to have relaxed considerably and blossomed in the heat. Well done!

  6. McVitty

    Looks like Gemma O’Doherty has lost her shot at presidency bid – not that she had much chances of election (worried as people seemed!) but it would have been nice to hear someone suggest publicly that for a young country with aspirations for fairness and an appetite for social change, we have establishment issues that lead to power abuses, cover-ups, deception, injustices, crashes etc. – institutions that do not work for us or represent us in our aspirations.

    If we had a self-nurturing media establishment, political establishment, policing establishment, business establishment, regulatory establishment, union establishment etc all pulling together, facilitating each other, all part of “Official Ireland”, working toward this idea of “Ireland Inc” (which has nothing to do with the shared values of citizens), where you need “pull” to get in there in the first place (and once they’ve exiled you, you can forget about it – as her bid clearly suggests); should the idea that the country might operate in that way make us uncomfortable or want better?

    Her not getting the quota does not reflect a non-democratic situation (it certainly reflects centralisation of power in our political parties) but the lack of interest in a candidate like her reflects where we are with our media. Broadsheet was the outlet that gave her a voice – and even at that people then attacked Broadsheet for giving (largely neutral) support to the obvious under-dog of the day and made all sorts of insinuations about her character along the way.

    1. millie st murderlark

      Another top comment McV.

      I agree with pretty much all you have said and I do feel that she was given a rough time of it by the media. I’d have liked to see her given the chance. I’d have especially liked to see her properly have the opportunity to address some of the claims made about her, like the anti-vax stance and her pro-life leanings. How true/relevant are they to a presidential role? And I’d have liked to see her talk about matters other than her anti corruption stance, which I thought had merit, though there was plenty more she could have brought to the table.

      1. Lilly

        She did address her pro-life stance, Millie, when she said it was her right to vote in private as she saw fit, and to condemn anyone for having a different view was fascistic.

        1. Blo Jo Brexit

          That isn’t an acceptable response – if she publicly supported or alluded to a position that is fundamentally wrong and inhumane, then saying she can vote how she likes in the privacy of the polling booth is not a defence – she had hoped it would obviously become a reality. Would she have signed the legislation into law just passed IF she had become President. Nah… just fantasy… forget it…

          1. McVitty

            Blo Jo Brexit – I would say she is primarily concerned that we as citizens have a right to our private convictions. I cannot disagree with that. My read on her position on Repeal is that she sees a complex question that is private by nature and that many people have borne their beliefs out of complex personal situations – maybe you see that response as evasive.

            Irrespective of her personal position, she said in a previous conversation with BS that she would have acknowledged the vote in favour of repealing the 8th and would have carried out any duties in support of that decision as president. What more do you need? A picture of her in a Repeal hoodie perhaps? My guess is that you see Repeal as part of an ongoing social change movement (whereas she prefers to see it as a stand-alone civic question that has been contentious since 1983) – so for that reason, you need to know where she stands as an indicator of whether she supports a broader movement. Is that a fair assessment? She suggested that there is an authoritarian aspect to this mindset, no matter how well intended – can you see that also?

            When she doesn’t give you adequate confirmation, is it not slightly disingenuous to therefore assume she’s some sort of RCC ideologue? ..i.e. the polar opposite. This is the kind of thinking that saw many BS threads turned hostile with in-fighting – the act of which would prompt many to pull in the opposite direction. She said openly that she is in favour of people thinking freely as individuals, informing their opinions as they see fit – and trusting them in their ability to do so, rather than channeling them into collectives as the media has assisted, which has proven out to be damaging to our society. This was a significant theme in her campaign.

  7. Lilly

    Delighted to hear her praise Claire Daly, Maureen O’Sullivan and Michael Fitzmaurice. Flowers in a garden of weeds.

  8. Daisy Chainsaw

    Seanad or MEP. Both cast a wider net than confining herself to one constituency as a TD. She could run in Ireland South because Brian Crowley is useless and has aligned himself with the nazis in the EP, so it’s probably just as well that he doesn’t turn up to vote.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      You’ve changed your tune Daisy. Great with the advice now like every other hack. Ya spent the last few weeks trying to bury GO’D.
      I don’t suppose there is any chance of you removing your avatar seeing as that referendum is over. Or is it something you want to use to show how indignant you are to other people who might have a difference of opinion against you. Grow up will ya and move on.

      1. Rep

        ” Grow up will ya and move on.”

        A bit rich to end with that after that bitter persona rant at someone who has a different opinion to yours.

        1. Why do I even care?

          He has a point though. The level of vitriol against Gemma from women in particular is quite unedifying. That, and well-meaning ‘advice’ like we saw from main trollbot Vanessarilly.

          1. Uncle Albert

            Or Franessa
            Or FrillyLillyJohnnyDigicelDaisy

            It’s remarkable how ‘Lilly’ and ‘Johnny Digicel’ have altered their commenting ‘style’ recently and those four and V all suddenly using ‘hun’ .

            Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Nothing to do with her being a woman. Everything to do with her being a conspiracy theory nutjob with a huuuuuge entitlement complex. I would have given her a preferance until she started on about the state murdering Veronica Guerin and Limerick CoCo murdering homeless men.

            If she’s serious about public service and not just self service, then she should run for a public office that isn’t “corrupt”. Any aul nutbag can run for the Seanad, or as an MEP without having to beg County Councils to nominate them. If she does declare at the next election, well good for her, but if she doesn’t then it was all about self glorification and nothing to do with public service.

  9. Why do I even care?

    She ran a great campaign actually. I don’t like everything she stands for but she successfully highlighted the cluster fupp of the current presidential selection process and by extension the party political process.

    The usual malignant trolls who comment ‘oh well that’s just democracccyyyy’ are clearly unburdened by expectations of having any sort of higher standards in public office.

    1. Cian

      She ran a great campaign actually.
      She didn’t get a nomination. So it wasn’t all that great.

      she successfully highlighted the cluster fupp of the current presidential selection process and by extension the party political process.
      Thems the rules. If you don’t like the rules you need to highlight this before the game starts – but one the game starts: abide by the rules.

      Like it or not, the Irish President *is* a political role. And one needs to be politically astute to get there. Gemma didn’t show herself as politically savvy. Three other candidates managed to plámás the Councils and get their nominations (I’m excluding Gallagher as he’s the FF man). Gemma didn’t.

      1. Why do I even care?

        You’re obviously not playing with a full deck.

        So I’ll humour you just once.

        Unlike the type of malignant establishment parasites you clearly favour the sole purpose of politicking isn’t merely to get nominations and network in the old farts insider club. It’s also to highlight issues of national importance. By NOT plamásing the usual scum and mé féiners Gemma shone a welcome light on how bereft that system of patronage is. Moreover she did a really valuable service IMHO by showing how corrupt the PBP/AAA and Sinn Féin are as well.

        The system is broken. The ‘rules’ as you call them only favour the bootlicker. That’s what you’re referring to isn’t it – it’s implied in your remarks? Good job Gemma on showing these people up.

        1. Owen C

          “It’s also to highlight issues of national importance”

          The unreported mass murder of homeless men in the Limerick area has indeed been given national prominence. As has the extrajudicial state sanctioned murder of Veronica Guerin. And not least the curious involvement of a former UK Prime Minister in the unsolved presumed murder of a young girl in Donegal 41 years ago.

          All nationally important. All clearly highlighted and now being given serious public derision. Sorry, serious public consideration is what I meant.

          1. johnny

            why are you trolling Gemma so hard here and elsewhere,you posted these smears numerous time on here and elsewhere-what’s your problem with Gemma ?
            so what if some things she said were taken out of context or exaggerated, why are you constantly repeating them, she has done a lot off good too.

          2. johnny

            toady-I’ve no idea I ignore trolls most the time,but you appear highly worked up by all this, visiting us on here to spread this nonsense constantly, is it ‘news’ or new allegations,or some just another loser puking up constantly the same old crap.

          3. Owen C

            “I’ve no idea”

            Ain’t that the truth. But thanks for confirming if was all just nonsense from you.

            “visiting us on here”. My God, the sense of entitlement is bewildering.

            “just another loser puking up constantly the same old crap”. So, basically the Gemma campaign in a nutshell? I thought you’d approve. Also, its the internet John, its not exactly always cutting edge stuff. We’re not here to change the world dude.

          4. johnnny

            what does the C stand for bet its not count…..
            your a parody,a joke, all you do is exaggerate and repeat constantly here and elsewhere complete and utter rubbish about Gemma,troll any wasted enough time on you.
            any ‘news’ something say new are you just going keep playing that broken record of yours.

          5. Owen C

            When asked for a smear you cant show any.
            You complain about “constantly repeating” even though you have just repeated yourself in effectively three identical posts in the last half hour.
            You complain about ad hominem attacks yet call people losers, jokes, trolls etc without being able to show cause.
            You say “I don’t usually have time for trolls” even though you are the one who keeps starting interactions with me and requesting information! If I’m the parody and joke, what on earth are you? The grumpy NYC stereotype? Good grief, how original. Buh bye.

          6. Rob_G

            I am familiar with the three things that Owen is referring to, they all came from widely-reported quotes made by Gemma O’D. The only person who seems to be getting worked up is you, johnny.

          7. rotide

            two things johnny

            1. You appear to think that Owen is some blow in troll. He’s been commenting here longer than you.

            2. He’s repeating claims Gemma made, which you handily are completely ignoring.

        2. Cian

          That’s politics. All politicians are bootlickers.

          A politician (be it Councillor, TD, Senator, or President) needs to get votes. They get those votes by selling something (or boot licking). It is a transaction: “If you vote for me, I will give you X” where X could be either monitory (“lower taxes” or “Christmas bonus”), social (“I’ll keep the local hospital/post office/garda station/whatever open”, or anti-corruption (“I’ll remove Quangos”, “I’ll be a voice for the voiceless”), or whatever.

          But if I don’t want what you’re selling – you don’t get my vote.

          If I do like what you’re selling I’m also looking at the potential candidates to see what they are like. Are they trustworthy. Are they consistent? Are the suited for the job. Are they bat-poo crazy? Will they embarrass themselves and the electorate? Can they deliver? Will they deliver?

          That’s how it works. You can call them names (parasites/scum/mé féiner/bootlickers), but it is a simple transaction “you give me a vote, I will give you X”.

          1. Why do I even care?

            In your world yes. We are already familiar with the ouevre and the swamp you inhabit. There is another world out there. One of principle and self-esteem.
            It’s about time you realised this, though I can warrant you would be unfamiliar with it.

          2. Cian

            There is another world out there. One of principle and self-esteem.

            Sorry, I thought we were talking about politics? and politicians?
            “principle and self-esteem” – you’re having a laugh

  10. ahjayzis

    I’ve not been reading BS for a while.

    Is it like ironically pro-Gemma or is this more conspiracy nonsense from them?

    1. SOQ

      The journalistic infighting on this thread is amusing. No ‘professional’ comedians as far as I can tell which is obviously a plus. The use of the word ‘trolls’ like they actually exist, is telling. They don’t, it is just dysfunctional creeps from whatever professional background, especially journalism, who think they are better than the rest of us.

      1. rotide

        Why do you think there’s journalists here?

        I can think of maybe 3 commenters that I think might be journalists but they could just as easily be copywriters or accountants too

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