Statement on August Homeless Figures (Department of Housing)


The Department of Housing has confirmed that 1,606 people were removed from its official homeless figures following three ‘re-categorisations’ this year.

Without the three re-categorisations, the number of people including in the official figure this month would have been 11,133...

Government confirms 1,606 people have been ‘re-cateogised’ out of official homeless figures (Newstalk)

5 thoughts on “Keep Them Down

  1. realPolithicks

    Why does keeping the number under 10,000 matter so much to this shower? Its a scandal one way or the other.

  2. b

    a family gets put in apartment/house temporarily with the council paying rent = homeless

    Council convert the home into a long term tenancy = not homeless

    that’s not hard to understand; the numbers are still unacceptably high but why are some opposition so irked and unhappy by numbers coming down slightly ?

    1. Col

      I guess because it could be construed as “look how great we are doing, there are ONLY 9,857 people homeless”.
      When in reality, the homeless figures are a result of insufficient action from the government to tackle the lack of supply. They let the numbers get this high in the first place and still are (arguably) not doing enough.

  3. diddy

    I categorise any family forced to move back in with family over eviction or extortionate rents as further casualties if this housing famine. black 47…

    1. Col

      You’re right. The homeless figures are only one byproduct of the housing crisis. There simply are not enough houses for society.

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