13 thoughts on “Run, Run, Run, Run…

  1. dav

    You know when sometimes you get the Lyrics of a song completely wrong?
    For example I always thought that “A town Called Malice” was in fact “A Town called Alice” and owed to Alice Springs no doubt..
    The lyrics for psycho killer were, to my mind, “Psyco Killer, CAN’T CATCH ME, HA, HA, HA, HAAH, HA”
    Anyone going to the David byrne gig in the point this October?

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I loved that album. They were (are?!) a great band.
            Peaches come from a can
            They were put there by a man
            In a factory downtown

            I’ll be singing that all night now.

  2. Gokkers

    It goes, Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa
    Your turn
    My turn
    Your turn now

    Otis Redding…he’s worth it!

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