How Was It For You?


In RTÉ Radio One studio this afternoon

This afternoon.

On RTÉ Radio One’s News at One.

Presidential hopefuls Gavin Duffy, Peter Casey, Senator Joan Freeman and Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada took part in a debate chaired by Áine Lawlor.

As a final question, Ms Lawlor asked each candidate why they chose to run for president – giving each of them 30 seconds to answer.

Peter Casey said:

“Going around Donegal, talking to the schools in Donegal, I asked them, I said ‘hands up who’s leaving Donegal when you get your Leaving Cert? Every hand in the room went up and I said how many of you see yourselves living in Donegal in ten years’ time. And only about two or three hands went up. That was really the moment that made me think: now we have to do something to stop the outflow of people from rural Ireland.”

Gavin Duffy said:

“It is a huge challenge to take on. But over the last two years, I was researching for a book, called The Ten Amendments: The Constitution, What Needs to Change. I don’t think people living in Ireland realise how much our society is changing. I welcome the change, it’s a very open and inclusive society. But I do think come the foundational events commemorations of 2021 and 2022, we need to have a dialogue and a discussion about what type of society, a more compassionate society we’d have at the start of the second 100 years of our freedom.”

Joan Freeman said:

“We’ve spent the last seven years focusing on building our economy but we have neglected the actual people of our country and I think we now need to turn the lens of the office, of the president, onto the people of our country and build up that heart and compassion for all.”

Liadh Ní Riada said:

“It was my decision because I think we’re at that time in our history where we can shape a new Ireland. I’m young, I’m energetic, I’m dynamic, I have the credentials and I want to lead the country into a new Ireland for a new president and that’s where I’m at. Because look, we can’t let history shape the next seven years we have to create our own and we certainly have the opportunity to make it a more inclusive and caring Ireland and we cannot afford to carry on having such poverty. We need to address all those things from a governmental point of view as well, not just community.”



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Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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37 thoughts on “How Was It For You?

  1. Joe Small

    “… I’m dynamic, I have the credentials…” Really? What dynamism? What credentials? What have you ever achieved that makes you think you’d make a good President? I’m genuinely baffled.

    1. BobbyJ

      At least she has managed to get elected by popular vote (MEP, Ireland South), unlike the other 3 above.

      *Not that I plan to vote for her, I’ll be voting MDH

    1. Joe Small

      His new slogan is “I’ll put down my dogs if I lose”. Apparently most of the €317,000 allowance goes on fancy dog food. You just don’t get to look that good by accident.

  2. Ron

    Meanwhile…. the Minister for Finance and his Department of Finance have issued a tender worth €144,000 for a firm to advise on whether a €500,000 pay cap for bailed-out bankers should be lifted.

  3. dhaughton99

    I thought the attack on Ní Riada regarding her children’s HPV vaccinations was very dirty. Lawlor talked about a letter Ní Riada sent to her child’s school looking for information regarding HPV and if her children were vaccinated. It stunk.

    1. Joe Small

      Normally that would be a private matter but ní riada used social media to discuss it, citing her experience with her children. I didn’t hear the interview but the topic itself is fair game.

      1. Giggidygoo

        She made the point that the medical records of her children are personal data of her children. She also put Lawlor in her place by telling her that she didn’t write a letter to the school and she never was against the vaccine. Lawlor hadn’t (or perhaps it was another RTE attempt at mudding the waters) done her home work and was called out. What O Riada had said was that the vaccine should be scrutinized more but that she wasn’t against it. Lawlor still tried to bring her children’s medical history in to it a second time and was made to look very stupid and unprofessional.
        Lawlor could not point to anything where O Riada said she was against the vaccine.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Did St Joan get grilled about God curing her scaly hand? Or is it only certain candidates talking about certain medical matters that get questioned?

  4. Martco

    I see Joan Freeman has admitted she got €120 grand for her campaign from a US based donor – some fella called Des Walsh

    any chance its the Des Walsh of Herbalife fame?

      1. johnny

        -hi Frilly i’m on a Louise Hay positive affirmations beam these days:)

        “I will not be distracted by noise, chatter, or setbacks. Patience, commitment, grace, and purpose will guide me.”
        ― Louise Hay

        The entire US is watching this amazingly courageous and brave woman Christine Blasey Ford ,I’m glued to it she’s incredible.
        I can find a few ‘decks’ if there’s any interest later on them,Ackerman was short and lost his shirt betting against them-funky company.

        1. Frilly Lilly Millie Bertie and her off the Telly

          thanks Johnny
          Much appreciated

          I tried staying along with the hearings, but this week was a lunatic for off site visits
          I suspect yer man’s will be less of an eyeopener tbh
          but I’ve already been fooled too much lately
          so I’ll expect to be wrong

          Didn’t know about Ackerman
          but there is a former GS / Irish connection with them too
          maybe more than one
          but Dodgie is where to spend the time if you’ve got it imo
          Since this was a full fine and dispersement
          I’d say there’s loads of publicly available material for lads to scour
          One thing that might be interesting is if this Des buck gave another previous candidate lumps sums too

          1. johnny

            he’s sticking to his script, but keep in mind its republican controlled so..

            she’s not really a contender,appears a bit small ball to me,I’m probably not going throw any ‘digs’ her way,will sit this out, by all accounts she truly cares about shinning a light on mental health issues in Irl and now the US of A !

            link to new yorker pice on this but VF (vanity fair) has really good piece too.


          2. Johnny

            Seriously-right then that charges everything-I tend hunt big game-wrote her off !
            So she’s fair game :)
            Thanks Frilly,loving that banking show almost done with Season 1 – got distracted by “Manic” on Netflix it’s really good just came out.

          1. johnny

            Lindsay Graham saved it,Rachel Mitchel (asking questions for male R’s)bombed.Dem’s didn’t land any body blows, my bet he gets the seat.
            It’s close, and she is/was courageous and brave-still is:)

          2. jusayinlike

            RM was gentle and sensitive and totally disarmed SBM. She was made to look I’ll advised and badly prepared, and Feinstein came out of it really badly, overall the dems got owned again.

    1. giggidygoo

      You omitted to mention that this was a loan. Must be fierce annoying that your hearing didn’t pick that up?

      1. Martco

        mmm. maybe I need to get me some of that Herbalife gear, might work, like carrots do for the eyesight I suppose, who knows

        good documentary on all that business with Herbalife called Betting on Zero, worth a look

          1. Martco

            ah now @giggidy what has you so narky?

            sure if you’ve seen any of my posts on the subjectmatter you’ll know I think the whole thing (and I mean the concept of this gig) is a load of obese unnecessary ceremonial blx that insults our intelligence….anyone involved is fair game far as I’m concerned…frankly I hope the whole thing implodes :)

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