18 thoughts on “On We Sweep With Threshing Oar

    1. Starina

      They’re being retired soon, can’t remember why, though. I’ve done the Viking Splash twice and it’s great craic! Get in there before these creaking hulks are gone.

        1. The Old Boy

          Sadly they are D-Day relics that weren’t really intended to make it much further than the beaches of Normandy. One of the drivers once told me that the insurance premium would bring a tear to your eye.

          1. The Old Boy

            Interesting. I knew that they weren’t actually the ones that landed in Normandy, but I had assumed they were all wartime machines at least.

  1. Paulus

    I see one jealous bus hoping to join its similarly-coloured cousins for a swim.
    (Please don’t say that’s just me).

    1. Pip

      There’s a children’s book in that.
      James the Jealous Bus
      ‘James the bus was turning in the bus yard, getting ready for the long journey to Baldoyle, when he noticed…..

      1. Yep

        “James! Get back here!” honked Vincent the old Volvo. James, headlights dimmed, turned back towards the yard…

        1. Nigel

          ‘I want to swim!’ said James. ‘I want to glide through the water like a majestic duck!”
          ‘Buses can’t swim James!’ said Vincent. ‘You’ll sink and get all rusty and fish will live in your engine!’
          ‘Uh this is a fascinating discussion,’ said James’ passengers. ‘But d’you mind if we just hop off here before we get to the edge of the quay, all right? Hello? Oh God ring the bell RING THE-‘
          There was a BIG splash.
          ‘Oh no!’ said Vincent. ‘The Controller With No Body Issues won’t be happy!’
          ‘Quack,’ said James

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