17 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

    1. dav

      I especially loved his complaints about “diction and enunciation” that he used to make on his radio programme, usually after reading a letter from “Mary in Dalkey” who was unhappy about a recent news interview with a farmer from Dingle who couldn’t say “Common Agricultural Policy” correctly.. Pompous git

    2. Mickey Twopints

      Wasn’t he just?

      To think that each and every one of those four was an adult (albeit a young adult), and Byrne insisted on knowing what their mammies thought of their hair?

      The man always was a self-satisfied d1ck. I will never forget that clip of his review of the morning papers at the time Anne Lovett’s death was reported.

  1. Johnny

    Really excellent piece,one the best so far in off all places the Indo on Digicel.This week coupons or interest payments are due on the 3 Billion in bonds that have been in the news.

    The piece is really great I’d add that the IPO lifted the corporate veil, revealing too many inter party transactions and excessive dividends.Their were two class of shares(A & B) with Dennis selling equity,but attempting to maintain voting control.


  2. SOQ

    Brexit Jihadists has a certain ring of truth to it but, is there any other sort? The money men are getting worried so, no no-deal they say. This Tory conference really is shaping up to be a boxing match, McGregor style obviously. I hope the venue has wipe down surfaces.

  3. giggidygoo

    So Kelleher has some kind of dream and produces a brain frt about mortgages. Maybe he will have another dream and come up with the same for
    Motor Insurance
    Health Insurance
    Another waffle. Almost Greens-like.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    The Moggster is box office in Birmingham.
    Theresa May would give one of her killer heels to have a fraction of JRM’s popularity.
    Meanwhile all eyes are on big beast Boris for his 1pm Chuck Chequers speech tomorrow.
    Forget what the Boris-bashers in the media say he’s still the most popular choice out in the shires.
    And Comrade Corbyn still trails Don’t Knows into third place as the best choice for PM.
    Good times.

    1. realPolithicks

      “Forget what the Boris-bashers in the media say he’s still the most popular choice out in the shires.”

      Among your fellow hobbits?

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