145 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. ReproButina

    Members of the Conservative and Unionist Party would have us believe they can resolve the border using technology. They couldn’t even secure personal information on their conference app.

  2. Blo Jo Brexit

    Sunday Torygraph front page image: May is actually turning into Johnson.

    Catch a glimpse and that’s the full English ruined in the morning .

    1. SOQ

      Boris wants to build a bridge between England and NI. He doesn’t say how that will resolve the border issue or how long it would take but as Patrick Kielty has pointed out, his understanding of Irish politics is at best junior cert.

      May says she would tax all overseas non resident property investors which is a good idea but given that they are mainly high end Arabs and Russians, why didn’t she do it before now? Again, of little relevance.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Patrick Kielty slamming Brexit.
        From his luxury home in California.
        He’s the Sean Connery of Remain.

      2. Dub Spot

        Johnson’s an expert at throwing his leg over anything. Perhaps that’s really what’s on his mind with “bridge”.

  3. john f

    I can’t understand why people are upset that Higgins is still receiving his pension from his time as a university lecturer. Why the hell shouldn’t be? He earned it by making the contributions necessary at the time.
    May actively campaigned for the remain side during the BREXIT referendum. Yet people are shocked by her actions trying to take BREXIT apart from the inside out.
    I don’t agree with many of the policies proposed by Corbyn but I do not doubt the man’s integrity. However he will never get into number 10 that Blairites will make sure of that.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Do public servants make contributions to a pot that earns interest and/or grows? I’m not being smart but I think their contribution goes into general taxation and that s what their pensions come from. So he is entitled to lots but earned is very different

  4. giggidygoo

    Miggledy, the Champagne Socialist eh? Just can’t get enough dosh. No wonder he is avoiding the debates.
    Doesn’t bother him to sign laws over Christmas dinner though. Nor €3000 per night hotel rooms.
    All coming out now.

      1. giggidygoo

        Clap clap. Sure aren’t you great? You’d probably have a similar view if a president committed a terrible crime.

        1. DeKloot

          Top drawer riposte there giggs….. as I said, tiresome.

          Interesting though that one candidate directly represents an organisation that actually murdered and maimed thousands. Terrible crimes indeed. Soapbox that?

          1. giggidygoo

            O Riada represents SF. Show me where SF did what you insinuate above.
            And then go delve into Labour history.
            The only tiresome one here is your good self. I do note that you didn’t contradict my last sentence. Maybe you should exit the flock and try to think for yourself?

          2. giggidygoo

            @ Clampers. I haven’t followed every word said during this campaign. Can you point me to a link where she denied that acts by the IRA were terrorist acts? And where she denied the existence of Kangaroo courts.?

          3. DeKloot

            Yeah… Right…. SF/IRA are the good guys…. Deluded… O’Riada knows full well SF are dirty and damaged, hence her dropping the SF moniker from her posters in the hope of hoodwinking a few uninformed voters.

            However, for the sake of clarity, if the President ever committed a terrible crime – as you put it – then he/she should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. I honestly can’t believe I’ve actually typed that, but there you go. Your weak strawman dealt with.

            Yis can huff and puff and blow hard all the damn day long but yis won’t tarnish the good name of President Higgins.

          4. giggidygoo

            @De Kloot.
            SF, unless you can show me otherwise, didn’t didn’t carry out atrocities. I have never seen any proof that SF are the same as the IRA. It may, or may not be true.

            So, did Higgins drop Labour from his first presidential posters? Yes or no? If yes, then your comment about O’Riada is spurious.

            Is Higgins a liar? One term? Or is the €317,000 approx, tax free, unaccountable, too inviting for the Champagne Socialist?

            He says he will give total transparency on the €317,000 approx expenses, yet reported today that he won’t comment if he used part of them to top up his staff’s income.

          5. johnny

            what does ONE TERM mean again?
            he tarnished his own name and reputation by reneging !
            are irish people so immune to LIES by politicians that they refuse to hold one who made that pledge to account ?

          6. Nigel

            I just think people don’t equate changing his mind with lying to quite the dramatic extent you do, especially when lots of people, particularly his supporters, wanted him to change his mind. One of the presidential candidates made a video of himself hitting golf-balls into the sea. I’m relieved Miggeldy changed his mind.

          7. johnny

            you know have a facial situation in that 21 years after Morriraty was appointed,Lowry is in a incredibly powerful position once again, with Fitzpatrick quitting FG,when will the voters hold politicians to account, if not now then when ?
            ONE TERM means ONE TERM.

          8. Nigel

            Yeah, I get it. Perhaps try holding them to account over stuff that matters rather than channeling your rage into this issue? A new Department of Health HQ sat empty for 17 months after costing an exorbitant 15,8 million, but we’re nickle and diming our head of state when he’s on official visits to other countries? For all the important symbolism in the office of the presidency, making this the hill to die on in the issue of political accountability is ridiculous.

      2. bisted

        …likewise, I wouldn’t care if the room cost 10k…what I do care about is when these so-called socialists are found out giving briefings to the yanks/zionists up in the US Embassy…

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Why doesn’t your SF/IRA candidate have the SF/IRA logo on her posters? Was Gerry afraid people won’t vote for a terrorist sympathiser?

      1. giggidygoo

        Ah, another one with assumptions. By the way, O Riada was asked about not having SF on her posters on the first radio debate. It’s still available on the RTE Player if you’d like the answer.
        Of course, you may well ask why Middelgy has no reference to Labour on his one back on his first campaign trail.
        And you’re another one that needs to research Labour’s history.

      2. Shayna

        SF/IRA? – wow, that’s how the Loyalists in the North used to address Sinn Féin. I think it’s a tad passé. Gerry is retired? There seems to be a growing number of Tories who would support a second referendum on Brexit. Perhaps staring into the abyss forces a change of attitude/opinion?

          1. giggidygoo

            @Clampers. Thanks for that. It does back up your point to an extent. I’ve read that article. She didn’t write the headline.

            as regards terrorism, she is quoted as saying ‘ if the word was used as a “blanket term” for every conflict situation then it would wrongly condemn the IRA’ and also ‘“I don’t really like the word terrorism. You have to look at every conflict on its own right.”
            So, yes, I’d agree that she hasn’t condemned outright republican terrorism. I’m sure that she’s coming from a republican view that these were acts of war. I wouldn’t subscribe to that, especially in the likes of Warrington, or the disappeared etc. However as regards security forces, and their opposite warring faction, I can see how they would consider those to be fair game.

            But funnily enough, we are debating this when my original comment was about Middelgy’s hunger for dosh.

          2. giggidygoo

            We are debating Middlegy (my first comment in this thread). We are also debating O’Riada, due to derailment.
            You’re entitled to your opinion as to suitability. Fill your boots.
            Any views on Miggledy?

          3. giggidygoo

            None of them float my boat to be honest. My first opinion was that it would be a two horse race between MDH and whoever Sinn Fein put up. Apart from those two, Gallagher may have some traction.

      3. Dub Spot

        Why do you have the word “ArmaLite” in your name along with “MaryLou”?

        Are you implying Mary Lou McDonald is or has been in possession of a Colt AR-15 Armalite assault rifle? For what purpose? Debating in the Hist in Trinity College Dublin, was it?

        Or is it you’re just worried you won’t be appointed as a judge to the district court in an SF/FG coalition, or some similar “I had it good for so long” narrative?

        Come on – out with it, now.

        1. ReproButina

          Right, because that’s how the state should be represented abroad.

          Nothing of any substance to attack Michael D on so you’re reduced to this.

          1. giggidygoo

            Well, it was your good self who made the joke comment, and you got one back.

            Which part of my original (first) comment was incorrect?

          2. ReproButina

            It would be more accurate to ask which part was accurate. The entire comment was speculation and heavily biased opinion. If this is the best SF can do to attack Michael D he’ll breeze the election. Maybe a better tactic would be to try and promote your own candidate.

          3. giggidygoo

            @Repro. Another one that makes assumptions. Can I assume the that you’re a FG lackey please?
            You’ve taken a nice easy route out of answering me.
            Is it accurate to say that he stayed in a €3000 per night hotel?
            Is it accurate to say that he refuses to answer whether part of his €317,000 expenses go to pay to ups for his staff? He did say he’d be transparent didn’t he?
            Is it accurate to say that he signed the Irish Water Legislation into law during the Christmas holiday period.?

            And promote my own candidate? I don’t have a candidate running. I’m not a member of any party. Once you reach that level to try prove some point or other, you’ve lost.
            Anything else you’d like to assume?

          4. ReproButina

            Let’s start simple. Is it accurate to say that the cost of the hotels was discussed with him and that he was fine with it?

            I’m not affiliated with any party but have never made a secret of always giving my No. 1 to the Greens.

          5. giggidygoo

            @ Repro. And from where did you draw the conclusion that she’s ‘my’ candidate or that I have anything to do with SF? I vote and give my support to who (or what party) I believe will serve the country best. Who I vote for changes from election to election, and i debate whatever the current crop throws up, including presidential candidates when they’re aligned to political parties.
            You sidestepped the refusal of MDH to answer the question regarding using the slush fund to top up his staff (he did have a bit of turnover of staff u til he got the right people).
            So you started ‘simple’. So simple that you couldn’t even answer even just one question.
            As a matter of interest, can you tell me the reason Gormley gave for bringing down the FF/Greens government (given the time and what was going on)?
            I’m interested to. see where you’re coming from with the ‘non alignment’ yet always give the greens your No. 1.

          6. rotide

            Jesus Christ, whatever about your ridiculous assertions, can you please learn to reply directly to the comment you’re replying to and stop using superfluous @ symbols

          7. ReproButina

            That’s a lot of words but none of them answer my simple question. You asked where your statement was incorrect. If you can’t even show it to be accurate then it’s clearly incorrect.

            Would you like to try again?

          8. giggidygoo

            You’re some boyo alright. I asked three questions, and your ‘answer’ is a question. Is that the contribution that Greens make to discussions. Explains a lot.

          9. ReproButina

            You asked which part of your statement was incorrect. I’m helping you answer your own question. You’ve already shown that you can’t back up one part. Shall we try another?

          10. ReproButina

            So you still can’t answer my simple question.

            Ok, let’s try another line from your first comment. “Doesn’t bother him to sign laws over Christmas dinner.”

            What law did Michael D sign over Christmas dinner?

          11. Giggidygoo

            #Rotide. When the conversation gets long I use the @ symbol to make it easy for people to know who I’m replying to. But thanks for your enlightening input on the subject matter. Maybe your own backwards spelling of Editor as your user name is something superficial itself. Go troll elsewhere.

          12. johnny

            he executed the eviction laws with a hand made irish silver pen from the 19th Century that the British Lord Chancellor had also used, he had a harpist playing by the bay window, while the fire roared and his butler fetched him an after dinner cuban to go with his digestive, the dogs frolicked…………….
            A vote for Mickey D is a vote for old crony ridden,corrupt,sneaky backroom deals Ireland,where the spoils are divided up.Vote for a new modern Ireland,end this crony capitalism now.One term means one term no more voting for LYING politicians who can’t be trusted keep their word.

          13. ReproButina

            Who are you going to vote for Johnny? Which of the remaining field is strikes you as being the honest, corruption busting candidate? Is it the FF bagman, the miracle cure, the Shinner or one of the hapless business men?

          14. johnny

            Liadh by a mile, with enemies like this,Freeman revealed a connection to controversial lobbying firm Teneo.Michael Madden a director there has lent her ten grand.Here’s a profile on Declan Kelly.

            “There is no great surprise in Irish American circles that wheeling and dealing involving Teneo and the Irish-born Kelly have come to light. He is widely known in that community as the ultimate operator who, after a few years in America, was in the inner sanctums of American business and politics and who made powerful friends – and powerful enemies.”


            (i’m NY/LA based and don’t have a vote)

      1. johnny

        his entire career was based on transparency and openness yet he has behaved like a pontiff with Vatican level secrecy around his expenses, voting for Higgins is green lighting and endorsing LYING.
        you are basically saying to any political that they can promise whatever they like during the campaign and will NOT be help to account.
        its time Ireland held its politicians to account,you pledge ONE TERM you serve ONE term-send a message.

          1. johnny

            oh I wasn’t sure whether to have oatmeal or a bagel for breakfast-you mean that type change your mind ?
            have I reneged on a platform that I campaigned on and people voted for-NO I haven’t LIED to the voters and gotten away with it.
            its time for a new Ireland this is old style politics,say whatever it takes to get elected and LIE LIE LIE if thats what it takes,or sorry then change your mind, its time politicians were held to account for campaign pledges.

          2. ReproButina

            Putting aside the presidential election for a moment, politicians can only be held accountable for campaign promises if their party wins an overall majority. Coalitions require compromise. That’s a simple fact of life. Shouting at them for lying shows a very poor grasp of political reality. If they have an overall majority then, by all means, let them have it.

            I voted for Michael D and I will do so again. I didn’t vote for him because he said he’d only do one term. The joy of democracy is that people are allowed to not vote for him if this change of mind really means that much to them.

          3. johnny

            well you get a chance to vote for him again, after a lifetime of complaining and campaigning on how awful and corrupt Irish politics is,Michael D has become everything he despised,a lying two faced politician, so vote for him and endorse lying and deceiving voters,carry on as usual old Ireland.

          4. Nigel

            If you can’t tell the difference between Micheal D and all the other common-or-garden lying deceiving politicians out there, I can see why so many of them get voted back in again and again. The mote in Michael D’s eye is vaster than the beams in theirs, it seems.

          5. giggidygoo

            @Johnny. I concur
            @Nigel. But MDH was a common or garden lying or deceiving politician. That’s where he came from. The leopard hasn’t lost his spots.

          6. johnny

            all is see is swag and bling and lots of it,his joy at the pomp and ceremony,his speeches have verged into babble,they are the musings of an over paid academic, try reading one.
            his latest speech,it them meanders down a cul-de-sac,its waffle, nonsense.

            “From the arrival on this island of ancient peoples in the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, through the copper and bronze ages, the foundations of today’s Ireland society were laid. While many of these peoples are known to us only through archaeology and mythology, Tuatha Dé Danann, The Milesians or Gaels, Na Fir Bolg, Na Fianna……

          7. johnny

            corruption in my mind is making a BIG deal about handing back part your salary, while taking and accepting a massive allowance that the VOTERS don’t know about thats CORRUPT!
            thats the very definition of a corrupt politician,hoodwinking and LYING about how much you are making, but pulling a publicity stunt involving handing back part your salary-its wrong wrong wrong.

          8. Johnny

            So send a email to Bodger,make another complain,but quit your non stop whining,your like a spoilt child constantly seeking my attention.

          9. Nigel

            That’s an amazingly expansive definition of corruption. As far as I’m aware the allowance was not for his personal use, nor was it a secret, and was available to his predecessors. The power to reform the presidency does not lie with the office of the president. You do great work on Digicel, but this is just noise.

          10. johnny

            what exactly is a presidential discretionary allowance then as you appear to be an expert on it ?
            if there’s some ‘left over’ or unspent what happens to it.

          11. Nigel

            If you don’t know what it is, aren’t you being irresponsible in shouting CORRUPTION in relation to its use and, indeed, its existence? Don’t get me wrong, that it hasn’t been audited is jaw-dropping, but that’s not something the president controls and it is not in itself proof of corruption, though it definitely arises out of a frustrating carelessness with respect to public funds, A simple remedy is available, however: start audting it.

          12. johnny

            Irish voters have Stockholm syndrome, maybe he insisted on receiving it in gold as he was against the Euro and distrust fiat money, who knows he’s not saying !
            kept it all didn’t spend a penny-how would anyone know ?
            he can simply release the records relating to it, or gosh actually agree to a debate, if his hectic schedule allows it.
            this is old corrupt lying Ireland,time for change,your like junkies or addicts, yeah yeah i’m giving up but not today, tomorrow.
            a vote for Mickey D is a vote for business as usual in old corrupt Ireland.

          13. Nigel

            No. This empty, meaningless populist rhetoric is far more business as usual. None of the other candidates offer an acceptable alternative.

          14. Johnny

            As always enjoyed the exchange Nigel,to be continued,it’s a glorious day here.As I’m not a socialist or was he a communist I’m off enjoy the day,with money I earned by working instead off from corrupt hidden allowances:)

          15. edalicious

            Three things, Johnny; the money didn’t go to him, it’s not corruption and it was never hidden. You seem very passionate about the topic, which is great, but I would suggest you should maybe do some more calm, considered reading on these topics before you set your stall.

          16. Johnny

            MacSharry asked the C&AG: “OK, So. €317,000 per year allowance, not audited, we don’t know what it’s used for and it’s not prescribed in law. Is that correct?

            “We don’t know what it’s purpose is for, it could be spent, theoretically, on anything, it mightn’t be spent at all, presumably.”

          1. johnny

            why is AK47’s Bro Declan’s company supporting Freeman-Brian O’Driscol works there,this level and type support would have to have been cleared.
            “She has also received a €10,000 loan from Tipperary-born businessman Michael Madden who is chairman of Teneo Capital”

  5. Not A 'Shinner'

    To dismiss or disparage Mary-Lou for anything other than her own actions is cowardly, opportunistic and wrong.
    She’s one of the best politicians we’ve ever had.
    Judge her on own merits, not your own bitterness.

    The shame is on you.
    Move forward, please.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      She can be judged on her denial of the existence of Kangaroo courts, and the release of sex offenders into the South inorder to protect the SF party.

      On that alone, I consider her a creep, as I do any RCC cleric of any stature who did the same. in shuffling paedos around the country. They’re cut from the same cloth, as demonstrated by their actions. It really is that plain and simple.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          In all honesty, no, not as much disdain as I have for SF… I have some, absolutely, but not equal to that for SF.

          Why? Because in the FF/FG situation, it wasn’t FF/FG that were actually doing the deed, it was a third party, the RCC. The FF/FG actions, which are terrible came later.
          In the SF situation, it was they themselves, not a third party, who carried out the same actions as the RCC.

          1. jusayinlike

            Who apologised and facilitated the RCC Clampers?

            The hypocrisy of what you just said is glaring..

            Thin ice there mate..

          2. jusayinlike

            Tell us how much Michael Woods saved the RCC by hoodwinking his own country?

            A man whose loyalty was to the RCC before his own country..

            And you have more disdain for alleged crimes than those that are proven and documented?

          3. jusayinlike

            What are your views on Michael Woods Clampers?

            Is he OK in your books because he didn’t abuse children directly?

            What about Michael Noonan Clampers?

            He’s OK because he didn’t directly abuse Grace, he just facilitated it, is that the jist yeah?

          4. Clampers Outside!

            As I said, I have disdain for them, but I have even more for SF who could have stopped and prevented further abuse because they were there, as close as one can be to the abuse, but they chose to protect themselves and their party instead.

          5. jusayinlike

            So you have more disdain for an alleged kangaroo court than you do for an institution that has wiped out generations of children worldwide and urinated repeatedly on their memory?

            Your bias is wide open for everyone to see..

          6. Clampers Outside!

            This was about the Irish situation involving Irish political parties.

            Moving the goal post to make a point… *slow clap*

            And, no,nthey are not alleged.
            Firstly, Gerry admitted to moving these paedos and sex offenders to the South.
            Second, Mary Lou apologised for her denials of their existence.

            Gaaaawwd you’re so self deluded, if not for the seriousness of the topic, it’d be laughable…. >_<

          7. jusayinlike

            Hang on a sec, you brought up the paedophilia, your now claiming I’m digressing?

            And your calling me clueless for questioning your rationale for giving FFG a pass for their facilitation of child molesters, a facilitation that far outways SF, and that is documented, a lot more than the kangaroo courts you refer to..

            But yea Im clueless..

          8. Clampers Outside!

            HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, completely clueless !

            First, you said I was excusing the RCC on a world wide scale. That’s the goal post move you made. I did not excuse the RCC of such a thing, thanks. I condemn it.
            Second, I did not give them, FF/FG a pass on anything. It is there in black and white that I said I have disdain for them, just not as much as I do for SF.

            Yes, absolutely, you are completely deluded and willfully clueless. You’re an SF muppet, as clear as day!

            Your attempts to misinterpret what I said is laughable stuff, you buffoon! :)

          9. jusayinlike


            I mentioned worldwide as a bench mark for the level of pedophilia which you are excusing.

            But in desperation you have clung to this as a means of abnormalising me, delusional.

            You than rehash your hatred for SF and quietly ignore the fact that FFG have gotten the RCC out of a rut at a massive expense to the state and a collective urination on the memories of dead childhoods and children not only in Ireland, but worldwide. Kudos clampers you’ve such integrity..

            And kindly refrain from the insults I haven’t lowered myself to that disgusting level and I’d expect the same of you. Have some respect t and refrain from being impulsive.

            Unless your out of ideas and are just looking for an exit strategy, which is likely..

          10. Clampers Outside!

            Pfffffffffffffft !

            Your intentional misinterpretations are insults, when you say I excuse the RCC.

            To paraphrase a quote from The Princess Pride… “…that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” There is nothing abnormalising about suggesting someone’s thought process is delusional. Perfectly healthy sane spoke can be so.

            Sick it up, you IRA apologist. Only a buffoon would be so deluded.

          11. jusayinlike

            Poor little Clampers..

            You stated FFG were not directly involved so therefore you hate them less.

            Willfull apathy is the same as excusing them.

            Your crass ego is letting you down, your childish insults are showing your true child like colours and I was correct when I said you were bailing. At this stage your nothing short of a joke to be honest.

            “moving the goal posts” – desperation whataboutery..

            And your princess bride quote is pretty stupid as it can be invoked by anyone and countered with the eye of the beholder sword, but tbf that sort of exchange sums you perfectly.

            “They weren’t directly involved”.. eh Keneally, Woods, Noonan etc etc etc..

            Oh how I laugh..

          12. Clampers Outside!

            Anyone fiddling kids is scum. SF and their actions are worse than FFFG, that’s my opinion, simple as. No party gets off here, I can view one worse than another as you do. It is that simple.
            Your intentional misreading of what I said is a joke. FFFG didn’t shuffle sex offenders around the way SF did with their direct involvement. Ya deluded muppet.

          13. jusayinlike

            ” I can view party as being worse than the other..”

            Yea course you can, but when you can’t justify it your nothing more than a bias spewing troll.

            Onwards and upwards eh clampers, you charlatan..

          14. jusayinlike

            All ignored by clampers because they weren’t directly involved you see, even Keneally, clampers reckons that he didn’t directly fiddle with children it was only afterwards that all the bad stuff came out, and when Noonan sent that letter on behalf of the paedophile couple abusing Grace, he wasn’t directly involved so he’s ok in the disdain department too, not worthy of a mention.. you see its only bad in clampers mind when it’s exposed years later so he can apathetically kick the can and return to his pet hate SF, even though he can’t be bothered elaborating on why SF are more complicit with regard to child sex abuse than Michael Woods/Noonan’ FFG.

            Anyone like to remind Clampers on how much Michael Woods of FF saved the RCC on his last day in office in 2002?

          15. giggidygoo

            Great to hear that you have different levels of distain. I’m sure people like Grace, or the victims of Keneally will be forever in your debt. A case of ‘My paedo is better than yours’ is it?

          16. Clampers Outside!

            “he can’t be bothered elaborating on why SF are more complicit” – I already did numerous times.

            Here it is again for the last time – SF moved paedos and sex offenders around the country to protect their party, and those same paedos and sex offenders went on to commit more heinous acts. This is exactly what the RCC did.

            Billy Kenneally was a paedo, and FF politician. Just like the SF/IRA paedos and sex offenders that went through kangaroo courts.
            The difference is FF did not protect Kenneally. FF did try to protect themselves from the scandal which was despicable in 2013. SF did not only do that but they also protected paedos and sex offenders within their party by having moved (“banished” I think was the word Gerry used) them into the South of the country so he could protect the SF party. Sending them off to offend again. Ask McGahon and Mairia Cahill. This shuffling of offenders is what the RCC did, just like SF.

            Woods’ limited compensation. What he did was wrong, a disgrace. Despicable. But he did not directly shuffle sex offenders around to protect himself like SF and the RCC did.

            Noonan’s handling of Grace’s case was also despicable. Noonan did not directly shuffle any paedos or sex offenders around the country like SF and the RCC did.

            To sum up….
            In none of these situations did FF/FG move paedos or sex offemders around the country so that they could freely commit further sex crimes on others, unlike the RCC and SF, who did do exactly that.

            Only the RCC and SF moved paedos and sex offenders around the country unbeknown to anyone but themselves. That’s the similarity between them, and it is also the difference between what they did and what FF/FG did.

            It is all disgusting, what SF, the RCC, and FF/FG did. But SF and RCC are clearly the most despicable and directly culpable by a long long shot because they let the offenders off to REOFFEND.

            And you accuse me of a blind spot…. jaysus, cop on!

          17. jusayinlike

            Clampers excusing himself yet again..

            Noonan wrote a letter on behalf of the abusers.

            FFG and their blue shirt mafia cops made sure Keneally was kept away from the limelight for decades.

            But yea SF..

          18. jusayinlike

            And why is it that FFG don’t use this against SF?

            Because they’re complicit themselves..

            And why did MC join labour?
            Because they hadn’t yet been involved in a child abuse scandal unlike FFG.

            When she found out she was being used as a political rugby ball she dropped them and moved on..

            Looks you fell for their little gambit.

            Meanwhile the RCC with its useful idiots in the Christian democratic parties of FFG do nothing to compensate survivors of cleric and care home abuse.

            But yea, SF..

          19. Clampers Outside!

            I’ve condemned with disdain FFFG and SF and the RCC, yet you still cannot bring yourself to do the same for SF knowing what you do…. now that speaks volumes.

            Put a sock in it, you’re tiresome at this point.

  6. Cian

    Any views on MEPs and their 50k annual unvouched expenses? And the lack of transparency on these?
    Is that good/bad?

      1. Cian

        I don’t know about her. The laws should be applied equally to TDs, Senators, and the general public. If she has done wrong she should be punished.

          1. Cian

            I’m enjoying the irony that certain posters (who support SF) are attacking the sitting president for something that MEPs also get. Pot, kettle, black.

            Not whinging. Laughing.

      1. Cian

        Neither is a secret.
        The President has had both pay and this expenses since the original legislation £5000 pay + £5000 expenses. Any changes have gone through legislation. So no secret.
        MEPs similarly have had this since they were created. I don’t know if changes go via legislation or how they work.

      2. rotide

        just because you didn’t know someone doesn’t mean it was a secret

        if that was the case the world would be A VERY secretive place

    1. ReproButina

      They campaigned for Remain and argue that, in light of the result, NI needs special status post-Sasamach.

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