Paint It Black


On Friday night.

The ‘Empty? Occupy!’ mural on North Frederick Lane, Dublin 1, was painted over with black paint.

The mural was on a wall around the corner from 34, North Frederick Street, which was occupied by housing activists for a number of weeks until they were evicted on September 11.


Pics: Brian Lawless and Niall Jackson

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19 thoughts on “Paint It Black

  1. The revolution will not be televised

    That’s it Ireland. Let’s paint over our problems, sweep them under the carpet.

    1. The revolution will not be televised

      He’s busy Joan. Busy inside the labyrinth of his own mind, rambling around Joycean Dublin. Hurrah!

  2. millie st murderlark

    Painted in the dead of night as well, I’ve no doubt. Can’t be having those rabble rousers stirring up more trouble.

    Will we be seeing the resurgence of the once popular sinister fringe, I wonder?

  3. shortforBob

    In a country with so little enforcement of the law it is surprising we don’t have far more acts of civil disobedience like the occupy protesters.

    I only wonder why it took so long for the mural to be painted over. Subset know they can get away with ignoring planning regulations because it will take weeks before any enforcement happens or property owners paint over it (which is what I guess happened in this case). I still say Subset are a bunch of opportunist advertisers masquerading as activist artists with their GreyAreaProject.

  4. Joe Small

    Someone painted over graffiti on private property. What’s the problem?
    I wouldn’t like that on the gable end of my house (or investment property!).

    1. Nullzero

      And this is why we’re going to have shanty towns across the country in the next few years. “me me me, my investment, my money, I’m special”

        1. shortforBob

          I was aware of the objections to Anish Kapoor but not his name, I’ll be sure to take a closer look at Stuart Semple, I like the colour changing unicorn already.

          1. millie st murderlark

            His feud with Kapoor is a joy to behold. And he’s a very talented artist. Look up his light paint ‘Lit’ too.

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