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Stop that.

‘Frustrated Renter’ writes:

I live in ‘digs’ (shared accommodation). Most of the time it’s fine and I’m willing to go along with it….However, my landlord often eats food I have in the cupboard/fridge and it really annoys me. Besides the cost, it’s a personal space thing. I don’t have a lease or many agreed rules….But I don’t want to move or risk starting any arguments…What do yis Broadsheet readers think?’


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42 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Renter

  1. Bort

    Be a human or an adult human and speak to them using your words, it’s called human interaction, it’s a lost art ffs. “Hey Dave/Mary what ever would you mind not eating my food please”

    You’re welcome

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      failing that
      I used to find lacing it with a good dose of chilli usually gets the message home

      1. Starina

        I would go with Janet’s suggestion. Ignore Bort’s condescension. It’s obviously a bit sticky as your landlord could turf you out into the extremely limited rental market if you piss him off, so dealing with it in a normal way (eg saying “excuse me, that’s mine”) carries more dangers than if we weren’t all so at the mercy of our landlords.

        I’m going to assume your landlord lives with you, and doesn’t just stop by to eat your food. Are they otherwise fairly reasonable? Have you tried talking to them about it? Maybe just try putting sticky notes with your name on all your food. Or the spicy sauce. There’s always spicy sauce.

        1. Susan

          There’s always laxative- what sort of poxy pervert eats housemates food?! Good dose of the skitters should deter him.

  2. SOQ

    There is a bit of a power imbalance going on there so tread carefully. You could get the digs in like ‘so did you enjoy my quiche last night?’ Tubberware is you best friend because not only does it keep stuff way longer, if all yours is sealed in boxes then there is no room for ‘mistakes’.

    How about watching what he is eating? Not just of yours but generally then don’t buy it. Another avenue is to start eating really healthy food and see how that goes down. Thing about clean eating is your green grocer becomes your best friend because it has to be fresh so that means you fridge / cupboards are usually empty most of the time.

  3. Frilly Keane

    This is a natural byproduct of shared accommodation Renter
    its neither unique or recent behaviour

    do what Starina suggested, label your stuff and keep it separate,
    like in tupperware containers
    I wouldn’t mention it tbh
    ’cause it only give rise to other stuff
    like how long you take in the bathroom t’ hogging the washing machine
    or leaving dishes in the sink

    and don’t be afraid to keep stuff in your room
    like dry goods and detergents etc

    its a pain in the whole to find the milk
    and the tea bags are gone
    when you put on the kettle
    but it happens in every house share
    so don’t take it personally

    I’d only start to kick off when they borrow stuff from your wardrobe
    and don’t ask
    and don’t launder it or take care of it
    another thing I’d mention if t’was me
    is their personal habits
    if its a thing

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      she’s probably buying his for him with her rent
      but sure she might as well feed the disrespectful yoke too

  4. Janet, I ate my avatar

    used to come in after a long run and find pre prepped protein dinner eaten,
    it’s a wonder I’m not in gaol for murder

  5. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Open your jar of mayo/ketchup/juice/whatever. Then spit, drool slobber into it, make sure he/she can see. Sneeze on your cheese, cough a phlegm on your breed.

    If they keep eating your food, all you can do is doff your hat to that disgusting fupper

  6. Daisy Chainsaw

    Would you finances run to a passive agressive mini fridge that you can keep in your room? Keep all the good stuff in there, leaving only milk and a mouldy sandwich in the main fridge.

        1. Lilly

          Mine does intermittently. But it’s 10 years old so it may not qualify as modern. It’s also pretty big; a smaller fridge might be quieter.

  7. Scundered

    Take the labels off all your food and make up your own, with some interesting titles “afterbirth meringue”, “toe jam”, “fart sauce” etc.

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