57 thoughts on “‘Put Some Lead In The Collective Pencil’

  1. ReproButina

    If the tea boy wants the power to change or resist standards and regulations coming from the EU then there’s a simple solution. So simple I’m sure even he could see it.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    Not one of his greatest speeches – his bravura performance in the televised debate during the Brexit referendum is thought to have helped move quite a few Don’t Knows in the right direction.
    But one of my Tory chums at the meeting said there was more passion and atmosphere than at any of the official events.
    Boris is the beating heart of Brexit and has his finger on the collective clitoris of Middle England.
    He is, along with the Moggster and Comrade Corbyn, one of those rare politicians who is popular across all age ranges including the young.
    Cometh the hour,cometh the man although of course he’ll never get on the MPs leadership ballot for the final two as his colleagues seeth with envy and jealous of his popularity and earning power.

    1. dylad

      In your opinion. Mog is not really popular ‘across all age ranges *including the young’.

      *because all age ranges wouldn’t normally include being young.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      And his treacherous nature. Often a plus in the CUP, but not when you’ve shafted the very voters you need.

    3. sheskin

      Nobody in London take any notice of Boris.That is why he will not accept any invitation to serious interviews on most London radio shows.He got found out. Boris is only for the hard of thinking.

    4. millie st murderlark

      That has to be your magnum opus Ollie.

      Bravo! Bis! Encore!

      *flings (only partly decomposed) flowers on to stage*

  3. bisted

    …I’ve read both transcripts of this speech and Ollie’s from earlier is definitely more nuanced…have you left out the jokes/jingoism?

    1. Ollie Cormwell

      One man’s patriotism is another’s jingoism.
      Boris specifically warned against jingoism in his speech.

  4. SOQ

    He’s right of course, UK will have to follow EU rules without any input into them which leaves a worst situation than now.

    I cant be bothered watching the full speech but did he mention the border in Ireland at all? The only thing I have gathered so far is that the DUP will withdraw support if any checks between GB and NI. That circle has yet to be squared so.

    1. ReproButina

      He only mentioned it to insist they abandon the backstop that he signed them up to back in December.

      1. SOQ

        Yes his own work. He is clearly playing to the DUP with the whole build a bridge nonsense. There is a side of me that thinks this whole thing is choreographed because the general public and especially the CBI will never forgive the Tories if they crash out.

    1. Ollie Cormwell

      It might well be a solution.
      But the only thing that is simple about it are the people who think it would be simple.
      The Irish border is already the subject of checks and technological initiatives and these could quite easily adopted further without the need for physical infrastructure.
      Varadkar has merely allowed himself to be played by Druncker et al by turning it into something it isn’t.

      1. SOQ

        When was the last time you crossed the border in Ireland apart from on the M1? I am in IT, have a working knowledge of both AI and GIS but very perplexed by what this miracle technological solution could be.

        But, I do know this…

        Sticking surveillance cameras up in the border region again will need to be protected again which means the British army back on the streets of Ireland AGAIN. Once that happens, it is anyone’s guess as to the outcome. This is what is called common sense, not something you Brexiteers are known for.

    2. realPolithicks

      Whatever about the north, I don’t believe that people in the south would vote for a united Ireland…at the moment.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        The GFA is all about an undivided Ireland. At a time of our choosing. Obviously, aside from milking HMG for as much and for as long as possible, we need society to evolve a little. It will come.

      2. SOQ

        Do you really want The Ulster Taliban in Leinster house?

        Still, its a avenue worth considering. All sorts of billion figures of NI subvention are bandied about except no sources ever quoted. Even as an auditing exercise, it would be nice to see some real numbers as to how much it costs to keep NI afloat. Broken down by sector of health, schools, infrastructure etc, and there was one other… oh yes, defence.

        Except they won’t do that because it is a vanity project from start to finish and the GB taxpayers would go into shock.

        1. realPolithicks

          “Do you really want The Ulster Taliban in Leinster house?”

          The answer is of course a resounding no which is why I don’t believe that people in the south would vote for it.

          1. millie st murderlark

            I honestly can’t think of anyone I know who would. It’s like asking for a migraine with no cure. We have enough baggage without their sectarian hang ups.

          2. ReproButina

            Elements of the unionist community are openly discussing the benefits of a United Ireland in the event of Sasamach. I’d be very surprised if they’d be voting for the people who campaigned for Sasamach and are working to derail every plan to save the economy on this island.

            Should we get a United Ireland the lunatic fringe of the DUP would be further marginalised and might struggle to pick up Dáil seats. Would they even take them if elected?

          3. scottser

            the good friday agreement is seen among europe’s MEPs as one of the EU’s finest achievements. they will not allow anyone to muck about with it, least of all the DUP. britain will leave the EU and a 32 county republic is inevitable. in our lifetime we could well see the dissolution of the united kingdom – we’ll see how well england and wales survive without oil and gas.

          4. Ollie Cormwell

            One of the EU’s finest achievements ?
            The EU had virtually nothing to do with the GFA in much the same way as they’ve been ineffective in sectarian conflicts across the continent.
            Lots of institutions and people forged the GFA but the EU wasn’t one of them.
            Stop trying to re-write history.

  5. millie st murderlark

    He looks like a sock puppet. In fact, I’d say a sock puppet would add more to this.

  6. Nigel

    Haha Brexit: putting good old English lead back in good old English pencils. It will be perfectly safe for your children to chew their English lead-filled pencils as they take notes on both sides of the evolution argument!

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