Still Taking It Back


This morning.

Spotted on Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Ciara tweetz:

New occupation on Pearse Street appears to have gone up last night #TakeBacktheCity #occupypearsestreet



This afternoon.

In Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Via Thomas Strong


6 thoughts on “Still Taking It Back

  1. b

    would it be remiss at this point to point out that the property at Belevedere only very recently got planning permission to convert it to apartments?

    some properties are vacant for good reason

  2. scottser

    Bloody protestors, blocking up the high court delaying the trials of rackrenting landlords, bondholders and tax.evading vultures.
    Oh wait..

    1. GuessWho

      I don’t think anyone, including “blueshirts”, really care. They’ll be bored soon and go back to doing whatever they normally do (which I presume is smoke weed and not wash)

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