Yesterday evening.

South Dublin city centre.

President Michael D Higgins and Sabina Higgins meet the public during an impromptu canvassing session for Presidency 2018 outside the Gaiety Theatre and  Grafton Street.


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14 thoughts on “Walkabout

      1. Nigel

        …after it repeatedly refuses to answer her questions about whether it was being funded by Big Vax.

    1. Martco

      well in all fairness she can certainly afford to live like one of the upper classes…k€rrrching! :)

        1. Johnny

          His Crockett & Jones hand made shoes,pair beautifully with that Gieves and Hawkes 3 piece bespoke suite,beautiful.

          1. scottser

            ‘this suit was cut by hawkes of saville row. just because the best tailoring you’ve ever seen was above your fukn appendix, doesn’t mean anything.’

          2. Johnny

            Is is true that his campaign slogan is a rift on that old Kenny Rodgers line,forgive me my past (Fidel) and I will give you my future!

  1. bisted

    …I see the labour flagflyers had to be separated and get garda protection at the ‘raise the roof’ demo today…no wonder Squee wants to distance himself from them…

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