Meanwhile, In Cork


This morning.

Alan Healy, in the Evening Echo, in Cork, reports that a man and a woman were separately convicted for animal welfare offences last week.

The woman was fined €100, while the man was fined €200 and ordered to give the ISPCA an additional €200.

Mr Healy reported:

On January 17, ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan visited the woman’s property in response to a call to the ISPCA Helpline.

She seized a collie pup, approximately five months old, tied to an oil tank with no shelter [pictured above]…A vet later described the pup as “severely underweight”.

Two Cork people convicted in animal welfare cases (Evening Echo)

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13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

  1. Jeffrey

    Good but not enough! Do people convicted of animal welfare offenses get some sort of baring order of owning an animal I wonder? If they dont, they should!

  2. ads

    And the sentence will be “not allowed to keep dogs” (no mention of other animals) “for six months”, going on what is usually the result.

    A lifetime ban on having any animal should be the automatic result of any animal neglect or cruelty conviction. Some people aren’t capable of the empathy needed to mind animals.

    1. ads

      I re-read it properly. Neither was banned from keeping animals.

      Nor were the convicted people named, which is unusual in court reports.

      A different report, with pictures…

      Do people not realise that dogs are pack animals, and it’s intensely cruel to treat them as barking-machines to keep others away from your home?

  3. SOQ

    Cork people are weird, Ervia for example, no discernible purpose apart from selling state assets at knock down to friends.

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