7 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. SOQ

    At a time when rents are at an an obscene all time high, the government decide to… give tax breaks to landlords. Why not go the whole hog and pay off their mortgages for them?

      1. Cian

        dav – don’t forget that the vulture funds don’t pay any tax – so a tax break is useless for them.
        So this is for all the other 150,000+ landlords.

  2. johnny

    Looks like the Times is running with this story-what no RTE or INM:)
    No need rush online get a sub-it will be exhaustively covered on here- (joking )but hopefully will track down copy of the lawsuit filed against the Dallas based employee, some financial info-and by the way why Dallas ?
    Strange location for a satellite office with one employee and the ability to allegedly steal 1 million,Houston is way more logical, that level of financial authorization in Dallas !
    According rumors and gossip this is just the tip of the iceberg,why no criminal investigation no outside authorities involved,this has the stench of a cover up-lets try shine little bit of light on Finn Gaels favorite charity,where hedge funds CEO’s and yank landlords mingle with ministers under the watchful eye of the Irish press and a few glasses of champers!

    “Prominent supporters of the Ireland Funds have raised concerns about possible wider governance issues after it was revealed last week that up to $1 million of donations may have been embezzled,”


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