Good times.

9 thoughts on “Demanding

  1. john f

    Hardly the worst thing in the world. The 2 properties mentioned in the article were probably in the same area. The estate agent was likely there and decided to draw up some leaflets for houses in the area in the hope that they would go to them rather than their competitors if they were selling.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      I used to know a Harry Wildgoose, he was a landlord of our factory in Coolock.

      Not sure where I’m going with this anecdote…

  2. Dhod

    These photocopied leaflets that are supposed to look handwritten and uniquely for you have been around for donkeys. If one of these things is the deciding factor in a decision as big as selling a house you should probably take a look at yourself. Also, if it’s a rented house it’s the renter/tenant tat will receive the post, not the landlord.

    1. postmanpat

      Now now. Don’t spoil his outrage. Listen, Mick Caul, I totally agree with you. These monsters have gone to far. Its and absolute disgrace. The bankers , the estate agents ….its. just, ,,god… when are we ever going to get a break…. ? (as a society) The politicians? where are they during this junk mail fiasco. Ill tell you, there off on there holidays…..buying socks…. that’s where . It’s a disgrace!! We need CHANGE!! NOW!!! #votecreepyIRAwoman4prez

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