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  1. Ollie Cromwell

    Today’s Brexit conundrum.
    Contracts worth a notional £69 TRILLION are held by EU banks with British clearing houses with £41tn falling due soon. If the EU forces the UK into ‘no deal’ European banks will face a bill running into many billions to find alternatives to the system they use in London.
    Well,I suppose they could always move to Frankfurt who are pitching hard for any business.
    Try not to cringe.

  2. Dub Spot

    That’s some baggage Maybot has. Still, a good Kiehl’s eyecream will help. Brexit is taking its toll. Must be the worst job in the world right now.

  3. Steph Pinker

    This is a serious question [I’m posing] for those of you who may want to engage regarding politics and philosophy, or, more to the point – philosophy versus politics…

  4. martco


    I see that Peter McCarthy has just landed Chief Exec job at ENET

    well well well…whaaaat a coincidence! :)

  5. Please

    Theresa May and Barnier are really doing an incredible job. Looks like the anti Corbyn wing of the Labour Party will support the sensible Tories and throw the DUP and other idiots off the bus. Boris and Davis will grumble and yet still vote for this interim Brexit arrangement

    1. SOQ

      Labour have set out a set of common sense metrics which the deal must pass. It would be a brave man or woman who prevents them calling an election no matter what wing of the party they are from.

      If the DUP walk, which is looking increasingly likely, May cannot rely on the support of the main opposition party who’s membership is 90%+ in favour of remain.

      As for the brexiteers, they are correct. Remaining in the CU without any say in how it is governed leaves the UK vulnerable to the whims of competitors who can decide policy within the block.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        I know you haven’t the first idea how the British parliamentary system works but here’s a very simple clue – Labour can’t call an election.
        You comment almost daily on a subject where you display stunning ignorance.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            It depends.
            Not supporting Theresa May and not supporting the Tories are two different things.
            Under the 2011 Fixed Term Parliament Act if May lost a vote on say the budget she could force a no confidence vote and call the DUP’s bluff.
            But if she lost that it’s likely she would resign and trigger elections for a new Tory leader.
            If that new leader was unable to command a majority in Parliament Labour would be invited to form a minority government.
            In the likely event of that not succeeding then a general election would happen as neither side would be in a position to govern.
            However the chances of the DUP and sufficient Tory rebels voting for a general election I would say are pretty slim.

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            Of course in the event of an election Corbyn has to win the 60 seats Labour trailed the Tories by at the last election.
            The latest poll out today …

            Westminster voting intention:
            CON: 41% (-1)
            LAB: 37% (+1)
            LDEM: 9% (-)
            UKIP: 4% (-1)

            via @YouGov, 08 – 09 Oct

          3. johnny

            there’s only one clown in that exchange, thanks Ollie for clarifying that.
            – Corporation Tax will contribute 17.5% of Exchequer taxes in 2018.This is a record-from 1995-2014 the share averaged 13%.
            2014: €4,614m
            2015: €6,872m
            2016: €7,351m
            2017: €8,201m
            2018: €9,500m
            More than 80% from MNCs.
            h/t Seamus Coffey.

            Given the reliance on this source to pay your bills,is no one in Ireland concerned that you have no US Ambassador,nor any involvement or engagement from the US ?
            Its a diplomatic disaster-The Clintons are toxic,America has moved one-is she the most engaged American for Ireland,was at Queens yesterday-that’s the best the Irish govt can do for- visit’s from the finished Clintons ?

          4. milk teeth

            Budget votes are confidence votes – if a budget vote falls then the government falls so General Election time is it not?
            Also if the PM loses a vote of confidence then it has to go to a general election under fixed term act. No chance for Labour to forma minority or for the Tories to find a new leader.

          5. Ollie Cromwell

            It used to be the convention that budget votes were confidence votes but under the FTPA a vote on the Queen’s Speech or the Budget are not legally confidence votes.
            Even the loss of a vote of confidence does not automatically mean a general election.
            That can only be triggered when a motion that “That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government” is passed, and within 14 days a motion “That this House has confidence in Her Majesty’s Government” is not passed.
            Those 14 days would give the government wriggle room to come up something to assuage their rebel MPs and the DUP.

        1. SOQ


          I think we should rename this clown Barger, at least it be appropriate.

          It is Corbyn who said he will call an election. Now that may mean call for an election but when you have a minority government without DUP support and hardline Brexiteers refusing to back the deal, there is very little difference.

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            I’m offering real facts not trying to stifle alternative Brexit views.
            Corbyn cannot call an election.He can call for an election but he cannot call an election.
            Do you understand the difference between this ?
            Likewise,opposing May’s Chequers plan and refusing to back their own government to force a general election are two very different things and not ” there’s very little difference. “

          2. SOQ

            He said he would call an election, his words not mine. He also said he would go back to the EU and renegotiate a deal, also his words, not mine. Now would you like to pop over and tell the leader of the opposition he doesn’t know what he is talking about either? You are the one who said it wouldn’t need to go to a HP vote of course.

            As for polls, look how wrong they got it last time. It’s all to play for and the DUP are guaranteed to withdraw support if NI is to remains in CU without GB.

          3. milk teeth

            What he will do is the same that Thatcher did in ’79. Call a vote of no confidence and force an election. As long as the DUP don’t vote with the Tories (i.e. they vote against or abstain) the motion will carry and a general election will happen.

          4. Ollie Cromwell

            Now you’re just talking gibberish.
            Your exact words,not Corbyn’s,were ” It would be a brave man or woman who prevents them calling an election no matter what wing of the party they are from. ”
            To repeat one more time Labour cannot call an election.It is not in their hands to do so.

          5. SOQ

            Oh ffs, why all the put downs? Is it wonder the commentators on this site are practically all male now?

            If the choice for a party which is 90% remain is between getting into government and reversing Brexit or voting for a deal they didn’t want in the first place, you actually think they are going to jump into bed with the tories?

            The British government won’t fall because the DUP withdraw support, it will fall because as milk teeth has said, Labour will table a motion of no confidence. That IS calling an election because there is no other possible outcome.

          6. Ollie Cromwell

            You’re confusing party members who number around half a million with party voters who numbered nearly 13 million at the last election,many of whom voted to Leave and swung the vote especially in the North of England and Wales but also elsewhere.
            More people in London voted to Leave than voted for Saddiq Khan as London.
            It’s also why May is courting a number of Labour MPs to vote for the Chequers deal in the hope of circumventing the DUP.
            It’s complicated I know lovey but I’m here any time you need things explaining …

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    Extra cupcakes for Ollie today.
    It’s World Obesity Day.
    Time for us lard-arses to stand up,slowly,and declare through a mouthful of bacon that it’s fab to be fat.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        Olly Murs isn’t fat.
        Peter Andre isn’t fat.
        Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t fat.
        Brendan Courtney isn’t fat.
        The Pixies: Just a band.
        Oasis: Just a band.
        Radiohead: Just a band.
        Bloc Party: Just a band.

      1. Increasing Displacement

        That’s like the ‘how many Brazilian favela 10 year old kids do you think you could take on at once?’ question.

      2. Nigel

        Would you rather get into a drum battle with ten small unionists with snares or one big Unionist with a lambeg?

  7. Stan

    Roddy Doyle in the Guardian:

    “From your side of the Irish Sea I’m sure the big thing about [prime minister] Leo Varadkar is that he’s gay when actually it’s much more significant that he’s a Tory,” Doyle said. “It is ideological, this idea that you don’t interfere with the market.”


  8. Ollie Cromwell

    Meanwhile,in other news,Irish comedy writer and the man behind Father Ted Graham Linehan has been given an official police warning by cops in the UK.
    His crime ?
    Extraordinarily, Linehan has been given a verbal-harassment warning by the police for his use of male pronouns, his ‘deadnaming’, and his claim that a trans-sexual activisit is a misogynist.
    Dead-naming is using the birth name of someone rather than their new trans name.
    Linehan,who suffers from severe Brexit Derangement Syndrome,also gets into regular Twitter spats over trans-sexism including one with the activist Stephanie Hayden who he insisted on calling a he.
    Hayden is now taking civil-court action against Linehan, accusing him of harassment, defamation and misuse of private information.
    Now,I think Lineham is a prize bottom who regularly makes a willy of himself on Twitter but I defend his right to do that.
    We are moving into the realms of real-life fantasy not least with other news this week that the Wellcome Collection in London, a key health and cultural institution, announced it was holding an event and exhibition about ‘womxn’
    It said it used the word in order to be more ‘inclusive’,

  9. Ollie Cromwell

    And some more #despiteBrexit news.
    Spanish train manufacturing firm TALGO has shortlisted six sites to host a 40,000sq metre manufacturing facility, built to construct a new generation of trains, and creating 1,000 jobs. Despite operating its trains operating in 28 countries, from Germany, to the U.S., to Saudi Arabia, all six of TALGO’s shortlisted sites are in the U.K.

    ” We’re doomed Captain Mainwaring ,DOOMED I tell you …. “

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