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‘It’s as if we’ve never seen a doughnut’: Dublin gets a sugar rush for Krispy Kreme (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

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Thanks Ploggers in Ireland

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  1. Dhaughton99

    IT has a KK piece in it today from Conor Pope.


    “One of the chaps plunged his hands down the front of his tracksuit bottoms, as is the style of the day, and said “F**k off, we don’t talk the press” like he was Kanye West and weary of a life spent dodging paparazzi and reading lazily cobbled-together quotes attributed to him.”

      1. Anomanomanom

        Have to say I’ve no clue where you got that from, but if someone handed me that piece to read,with no clues who it was from, I’d think it was something a child wrote for school. Very badly put together. Trying to be smart when clearly he’s not.

      2. Dhod

        Yet in that oxnantown rd doc on rte a few weeks ago he tried quite hard to portray himself as one of the oul Dublin, been around this place before it was anything. He was sticking his nose up at ‘blown in’ young couples with their blow in notions

    1. Dub Spot

      Of course they do. Just like always have the same piece from the Guardian or FT 1-2 days later. That’s the great thing about the Irish Times. If you missed something in the Guardian, they’ll reprint it or even syndicate it.

      Cue #metoo #timesup article about Johnny Depp in GQ from the Weekend FT in the IT opinion or culture section….


      Sure enough:


  2. Ollie Cromwell

    I knew the Guardian’s Irish correspondent wouldn’t be able to help himself.
    And sure enough,Britain eventually gets the blame.
    Those 800 years take the convenient rap for a lot of Ireland’s ills but you’d think a century later Paddy would have thought up another excuse by now.

  3. JunkFace

    Ireland already has an Obesity problem, especially the kids. This trend of Donut shops popping up everywhere will surely make the problem worse. I mean freedom of choice is great and everything but I dont see this working out well in a few years. Unless Krispy Kreme make their shops into something like an Ice Cream van, where you have to run after it for 2 Km before you are allowed to buy a donut, Ha ha. Burn those calories!

    1. Cian

      “The general rule of thumb is that the average person burns 100 calories per mile of running.”
      So 2km = 200 calories burnt.

      Krispy Kreme’s Doughnut and Traditional Cake Doughnut also have 190 calories, making them the best choice on the menu. Just remember: In the case of doughnuts, “best” means “least destructive.”

      So yes, a 2km run would burn off more calories than 1 (plain) doughnuts.

      +200 the maths works out!

  4. baz

    Really poor journalism standards from The Guardian, KK is not a diner as Carroll states. Did he even go there?

    1. Annon

      I think the article was saying the inside of the established is decorated like a diner, from the pictures it looks all white tile and chrome like Eddie Rockets.

  5. Termagant

    The woman went on an expedition and brought me home some of the glazed rings. Profound disappointment.

    Now the mini donuts they sold in Blackrock Market with the cinnamon, THOSE were donuts

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