Peter McCarthy, new CEO of Enet

A long-time associate of businessman Denis O’Brien has been appointed as the new chief executive of Enet, the Limerick-based telecoms group which is part of the consortium bidding for the Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP).

Peter McCarthy, a former senior executive at Mr O’Brien’s engineering services group Actavo, replaces Enet’s Bartley McElroy, who has only been in the top job for several months.

Mr McCarthy’s association with Mr O’Brien stretches back to 1997 when he worked as the head of procurement for Esat, the telecoms firm that Mr O’Brien set up in the early 1990s, which went on to secure the State’s second mobile phone licence.

Good times.

Denis O’Brien associate appointed new head of broadband bidder Enet (Irish Times)

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5 thoughts on “Wiffy

  1. ollie

    E net was set up to provide fibre optics rings in Towns across Ireland. It was funded and owned by the taxpayer. Up to yesterday it was owned by a joint venture of AMP Capital and Irish Life Investment Managers and Granahan McCourt Capital as well as the private family fund of Walter Scott Jr. (who sits on the board of Berkshire Hathaway).
    It’s now owned by Granahan McCourt Capital and headed up by Peter McCarthy, a former senior executive at Dobby’s engineering services group Actavo.
    So, e nat was funded by the taxpayer. It was then sold to a company also funded by the taxpayer. Now it’s been sold off again. So, what was built up and funded by the taxpayer is now in the hands of a private company. where did the money go and how can this consortium be allowed continue in the so called tendering process?

    The original consortium was made up of:
    The UK listed private equity giant, 3i,
    a division of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway
    John Laing, the British public-private partnership specialist
    E-Net itself,
    Granahan McCourt,
    Northern Powergrid
    Kelly Communications

    Now it’s:
    Granahan McCourt
    Denis O’Brien’s Actavo,
    The Kelly Group
    KN Group.

    Something stinks yet again.

    On another note, isn’t David McCourt the Billionaire some tight fisted git, taking his family to the Dail for a birthday lunch that only cost €37

  2. martco

    if Peter McCarthy is involved you can be certain that this gig is already effectively operational, a done deal

  3. Starina

    sh&t like this is what really adds salt to the wound when people talk about how hard the wealthy have worked, and how the rest of us are poor cos we’re not trying hard enough. In reality, it’s a few people at the top abusing the system for their own gains.

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