“He’s To Come Back To Me With A Few More Answers”


This morning.

Ireland AM on Virgin Media 1.

Leo Varadkar: “I can accept how the optics are problematic and perception does matter in politics and, of course, in business, too. But, as I said, Denis [Naughten] is going to be in the Dáil this afternoon. He’s going to clarify all those aspects and I’d like to give him the opportunity to do that first.

“You know, a lot of the time, people also jump to conclusions and rush to judgement and I wouldn’t like that to happen.”

Mark Cagney: “Do you have confidence in him?”

Varadkar: “In Denis? I do, yes.”

Cagney: “Fully?”

Varadkar: “Yeah.”

Cagney: “OK, so there won’t be a resignation any time soon? And if Fianna Fáil come looking for his head?”

Leo Varadkar: “Well…that’s up to them, obviously, I can’t speak for Fianna Fáil.”

“…Well I asked him [Naughten] to come and see me last night so actually, last night, we had a meeting, went through these issues, asked the kind of questions that you’re asking me now and he’s to come back to me with a few more answers.”

Mark Cagney: “And you’re satisfied?”

Varadkar: “So far, yes.”

Mr Naughten will make a statement and take questions on his contacts with David McCourt in the Dáil at 3pm.

More as we get it.

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6 thoughts on ““He’s To Come Back To Me With A Few More Answers”

  1. Starina

    “the optics are problematic”

    He’s phrased it that way because it’s less quotable for a front-page headline than “this looks bad”

  2. Giggidygoo

    But but but if everything was grand the past days and weeks, and Varadkar could see no problems, why would he call Naughten in to explain. Maybe Terry Prone had an extra lesson to give?
    Wait for it – Varadkar will try divert to SF this, Murphy that, etc. the Terry Prone guide to diversion.’Nothing to see here’ ?

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