7 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Mickey Twopints

    “Bang out of order, innit guv?”

    Leo should learn when to zip his boatrace cake-hole. Only the most mutt and jeff tories in the FG party believe that Frances and Noirin are innocent victims of the opposition benches. At the very least they were utterly incompetent.

    1. giggidygoo

      Obvioisly the Leo Lad can’t differentiate between a tribunal findings and Fitz telling stories that ended up in the record of the dail having to be corrected multiple times because of the untruths she told. (Untruths being Lies,as per the Reynolds defence ) Harris’ political mammy is shoddy goods.

    2. Catherine costelloe

      Frances is shoving 70 & can retire & bake cakes for Leo. I saw her interviewed on “This week in Politics” after Katie Hannon on Prime Time broke the story of false rape allegation against Maurice. She said that was the first she knew of it. Katherine Zappone totally contradicted her . The political bomb has long detonated Leo. Best stay stumm.

  2. Martco


    I see Mary Lou twittering away at the airport that she’s enroute to tell May & Corbyn what’s what.

    I wonder who invited who.

    Is it just another “The Border – An Introduction.ppt” or they stirring something?

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