Too Much Hope Will Kill You


Ah well.

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18 thoughts on “Too Much Hope Will Kill You

  1. paul

    poo, I really liked that plan. Any chance An Bord Pleanála can get out of the way of real progress?

  2. Vanessa off the Telly

    Ah ffs
    City Council have made a right hames of the the City
    The city is mangled
    Especially the quays, Dublin 1 and 2 are an effin disaster

    In Crumlin Village they put up traffic lights were none were requested or required and now there is a permanent Traffic Jam
    Yet on a road with (on average) 12 buses an hour
    double sided parking
    with 4 schools, a community center, a health center, and a 3rd level
    a take away, a spar and a pub
    there is none
    not even a pedestrian crossing
    and no bins

  3. DeSelby

    The plan was a shambles… it was going to bring the city to a standstill. Pushing even more traffic onto an already gridlocked quays. Funny how this plan only arose when (very late in the day), the NTA realised that there was a big issue with the road traffic, and Luas in College green.

    This plan was cobbled together in a panic, and had all the hallmarks of another NTA omnishambels.

    1. SOQ

      The NTA formally known as the DTO are imo the biggest bunch of stuck in the mud, resistant to change arrogant luddites I have ever encountered.

      These ‘visionaries’ are charged with planning the city’s future? God help Dublin then because most of them can’t see any further than the end of their own nose.

    2. Donal

      Temple Bar is pedestrianised, small streets, no thru traffic.
      Trinity College is an impassable chunk of land close by.
      Between the two there is a narrow gap, and this cannot be widened.

      The NTA cannot do anything about this, and alternative routes to get a bus across the river in either direction go very quite far either East or West of this gap.

      Until an option that is not on-street is viable (in my opinion) there is little alternative to buses running thru college green and down dame st.
      Which is a pity.

    3. LeopoldGloom

      You know part of the idea is to stop traffic coming into the city centre all together. An awful lot of the journeys into the city centre, or through the city centre are utterly unneccesary by private car.

  4. LeopoldGloom

    Mannix Flynn objected to part of it becase

    “some cyclists do not follow rules”.

    By that logic, no roads should be maintained, no footpaths, no infrastructure put in place whatsoever.

  5. realPolithicks

    The usual conservative nonsense, how about showing a bit of vision once in a while instead of bowing to the business special interests all the time.

    1. DeSelby

      Exactly… maybe we should just move all the businesses out of the city… visitors and users of the city are inconvenience. God forbid that all the people of the city could be dropped off near their destination.

      In particular I am thinking of the many people with limited mobility that would be most affected by this.

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