‘Here’s An Opportunity To Correct It’


Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane

This afternoon.

Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane introduced a bill in the Dáil to extend Freedom of Information law to include the Office of the President.

He said:

“There’s absolutely, in my view, no impediment to the Office of the President and all of the spending that goes with that, being subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

“I don’t know why Minister [Brendan] Howlin exempted the president’s office at that time. Maybe it was advice from the Attorney General or not, I don’t know. But I believe it was wrong and I simply believe it should be corrected and here’s an opportunity to correct it.

“I’m appealing to parties across all, across this House, all parties to support this Bill. We believe it’s important. It has been an issue in terms of public scrutiny that people believe it should be subject to FOI in my view. I believe it’s the right thing to do.

“And as I said, I’m appealing for support for the Bill and I formally move the Bill at first stage.”

Watch Dáil proceedings live here

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Pic: Richie McCann via President.ie

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4 thoughts on “‘Here’s An Opportunity To Correct It’

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      And it’s not. I hope it gets cross party support because there’s no need for the President’s expenses (whoever he or she may be) to be kept secret. I’d bet none of our presidents ever stayed in a Travelodge after a Ryanair flight to a foreign reception and I’m okay with that. Personally, I’d be more interested in the expenses of all the hangers on who travel with the President and the capacity in which they travel.

      1. SOQ

        True. Micheal D would arrive to the opening of a toilet with a cavalcade stretching half way around the block. And then there is the holidays, sorry state visits, to places no one has ever even heard of. Who even decides where he goes abroad let alone why? It is a job not a retirement jolly.

        We all naively assumed those days were gone after the Mary I and II.

        Proves the point of how progress can be rolled back I suppose.

  1. Trouble

    Because law or not the executive isn’t subject to the Dail so it is a stupid idea regardless who came up with it

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