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Patients of Cannabis.

A documentary

Johnny Keenan writes:

This documentary is directed, produced and narrated by concerned citizens Robbie Gannon, Lorraine Kennedy and Terry McMahon.

The testimonies you will see and hear are passionate pleas by our Irish people for clemency and the right to have medical cannabis to deal with their own condition.

These 10 brave souls you will see and hear are the voice of thousands of other Irish people who suffer in silence.

Vera Twomey’s daughter Ava has a rare form of epilepsy that can cause up to 20 seizures a day.

Dave Kelly has a form of motor neuron disease.

Kenny Tynan suffers with a brain tumor.

An anonymous mother talks about aggressive chemotherapy that her son went through. She heard Simon Harris (Minister of Health) talk about a license process where chemo patients could apply for such a license. She could not however get a consultant to sign the application.

Patrick Bradley suffers with chronic pain.

Gerri Sparrow suffers with emphysema and asthma.

Stefano Speranza has chronic pain in his lower back through a work related injury

Dr Garrett McGovern is a GP and Addiction Specialist who is aware of a plant that patients use. These patients find this plant more beneficial than conventional drugs.

Mark Cleary’s mother in law Geraldine Martin suffered with pneumonia and a tumor on her lung.

Caroline Conlon is Alex Baizert’s fiancée who talks about Alex’s struggle as an activist who suffered with epilepsy. Alex passed last April. Please see his testimony here

What brings these ten ordinary people together is the extraordinary power of Medical Cannabis.

It’s a crying shame that these ordinary people have to go to extraordinary measures to get a medicine that should be freely available to them by our HSE.

The question now is, why do the Irish people still have to suffer in pain while the rest of the world has access to medical cannabis?

There is absolutely no logic for the continuation of such ignorance towards our people who need medical cannabis.

Please please look at this essential 37 minute documentary and then act accordingly.

There is no doubt in my mind that if we act together now we can force OUR government to sign into law this year 2018 that Irish citizens are entitled to choose medical cannabis as a form of medicine.

Not alone that. It should be freely available in Ireland to them. With the massive demand for medical cannabis all across the country jobs can be created and Irish businesses can prosper by helping our people who need and want this medicine.

We have pharmaceutical plants all over the country. So why don’t we have green houses for medical cannabis to be produced into medical cannabis oil.

This is logical thinking and should be encouraged rather than been ignored.

If you are suffering and you want to add your video testimony for the legalisation of medical cannabis then follow the link here to Patients Of Cannabis

Yesterday: O Canada

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23 thoughts on “Meet The Patients

  1. Cian

    +1 we need to legalise medical cannabis.

    In Ireland also need to (re)train our doctors to prescribe it in an appropriate & safe manner.
    Globally, we need to ensure high standard drug-trials are performed to see where exactly cannabis can be used effectively, in what doses, and for what durations.

    Slight aside, when it says “The question now is, why do the Irish people still have to suffer in pain while the rest of the world has access to medical cannabis?” This is just wrong. The rest of the world doesn’t have access to medical cannabis. About 30 countries do (a lot of Europe), another 10 have limited access, and the rest it is still illegal.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      I take your point. But the rest of the western world is leagues ahead of Ireland. And that’s where we take our lead from. I’d love Ireland to be similar in some ways to Uruguay but that’s not likely to happen.
      We should be literally making a song and dance about medical cannabis.
      Calling all artists…

      1. postmanpat

        There’s no unsafe level of cannabis. If you do too much you will learn your appropriate level. You don’t need a doctor to be guessing for you.

          1. postmanpat

            You obviously never used it, so keep out of thing you don’t understand. Go back to automatically believing everything someone in authority says. Stay in your little safe bubble. Go back to your News talk radio and George Hook, Boomer.

          2. TheBag

            Nope, was a dedicated stoner for many years and now use cbd oil for a genetic spinal condition. I have also witnessed a family member go through a very nasty bout of cannabis psychosis. There are huge benefits to medicinal cannabis but the dangers are also very real.

        1. Cian

          if you are talking about weed – agreed. You won’t be able to overdose.

          But if you are talking cannabis oil – you could consume large amounts of it and this could be fatal.

          The lethal dose (LD50) of THC is about 200-300mg per kg. For an average-sized adult human (weighing 11 stone) is about be 19,000mg [19 grams] – to be taken in a short amount of time.
          Since most users only take 100mg over 24 hours – this is unlikely to happen by accident.

          If you are giving it to (smaller) children, the lethal dose would be lower. Unlikely – but possible.

          So yes, it is very safe, but it is a chemical that could kill.

  2. Mr Obvious

    Too many of our ‘representatives’ are pub owners.
    (The rest of them are Landlords, but that pun only works if you live in Britain. :-) )

    They want this argument to go away.
    They falsely believe it will hurt their business interests.
    They will never address it if they can look the other way.

      1. Johnny

        Big Pharma due to the opioid crisis in states,have lost all credibility.
        Looks great Johnny K-will watch later.

    1. postmanpat

      I hit the weed hard for 6 months in my twenties and saved a small fortune not blowing my cash down the pub. Thousands actually, in a few months, In fairness, the publicans aren’t being paranoid. Now if they let you smoke down the pub , say in the smoking area they wouldn’t be hit too hard. a spiff after few pints is nice. Or maybe pubs are just on the way out ?, don’t scientist agree that there is no safe level of alcohol? People are too health conscious these days. the more healthy you are, the more sensitive you are to the damage even a few pints causes, the regular drinkers don’t feel it but the damage is there. Central nervous system damage , lungs (even when not smoking) liver , basically every organ take a battering. Its up there with heroin on the scale of damage, and that’s just the health aspect. There’s financial issues . €60 minimum down and a hangover for even a small session with the lads, once or twice a week over a year, plus wedding , funerals etc. ? is it worth it? €100 worth of weed and a good vape pen could last a month.

      1. Cian

        “€60 minimum down and a hangover for even a small session with the lads”
        seriously? at ‘local’ prices – that’s 10+ pints…in the city centre that is 8+ pints. For a “small session” “once or twice” a week.

        No, I think the word you are looking for are “binge drinking” and “alcoholism”, and yes this it will cause serious damage.

  3. McVitty

    another campaign where people are happy to irresponsibly distort the picture and over-sell benefits and costs to push their agenda and continue us on this road to a society that does not promote personal responsibility and accountability. the numbers on cannabis-related fatalities are bs – we have been running “drug and drive” awareness ads for years now.

    legalise medical cannabis, yes and enforce standards on eligibility card issuance but we don’t need to legalise the way Canada has.

    part of the story in Canada is medical-related – but they already have that. another part is to do with the crime stats and putting vulnerable people through the criminal justice system – but could have been dealt with via decriminalisation….biggest part is the billion dollar enterprise. it’s very much about making a billion-dollar enterprise that will advertise as another product in the feel-good consumer culture and that’s what tips the balance for conservatives….money. it’s not a “grow your own” situation as it could have been.

  4. Mr Obvious

    @ mcVitty (if that is your REAL name)

    You talk a lot but you aren’t saying anything beyond your dislike for Canadian tolerance.

    I could be wrong but I don’t think you’re actually Canadian.
    I don’t think you should be concerned.

    Biscuit sales will go through the roof if cannabis is legalised. Stop hitting yourself.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Mr Obvious it’s called catholic guilt. Unless we start to stand up and fight for our rights this guilt could carry onto the next generation.
      Think about it. We don’t need an oppressor anymore. As a nation we seem to blame ourselves rather than the neo liberal govt church and corporate greed.
      It’s a colonial hangup and inferiority complex.
      Or maybe just sadist civil servants who control the public sector.
      The faceless and nameless.

      1. McVitty

        of course it is – when you’re self righteous and all you have is a hammer….ahem.

        But it doesn’t stop there, I have a cocktail of guilt, part Catholic as you’ve detected, part post-colonial shame because I identify as the descendant of a Spaniard who crossed the seas with a ship of slaves and and took America from “Indians” and part relating to the national course that would lead to the election of that white supremacist Donald Trump – please don’t catholic-shame me or post-colonial-shame me or Trump-shame me, I am just a snowflake…

        I never said I was Canadian. Irish born, Irish catholic raised and goddamn proud to be, unlike some who think it’s a good idea to leave the back door open at night and hope strangers take over the master bedroom because they deserve it more than you.

        Here’s a free biscuit to munch on….

        The irony is I find myself liberal on things like this until I see what liberal-minded people have in mind in terms of implementation. They rarely promote responsibility. In the old politics, conservatives were big on law and order because they presumed people were not responsible. Liberal people took the other view and believed people could be responsible. These days liberals envision a society without responsibility (where we shouldn’t judge junkies as living a lesser existence – jesus!) or any kind of structure (nation or family – again, jesus!) and modern conservatives are happy with this as long someone is making money (again, jesus!). Collectively, this thinking is free-market neo-liberal mentality and philosophy and actual/genuine liberals and conservatives find themselves out on the tails of the distribution and marginalised in their own parties.

        They used to say, if you aren’t of liberal disposition by 20, you’ve no heart, if aren’t of conservative disposition by 40, you’ve no mind….well, these days if you are either of these things, you likely have no mind. But this stuff is missed on you I would assume.

        1. Johnny Keenan

          Sorry Mcvitty my last comment wasn’t directed at you.
          It was just a overall observation of the shame and guilt of the nation.
          The one that seems to stop us acting as a collective that should be independent in our actions, and not be still waiting to be told we can do stuff.
          Dare I say it, was it for this?

          1. McVitty

            Fair enough Johnny but you had mentioned earlier that “But the rest of the western world is leagues ahead of Ireland. And that’s where we take our lead from.”. That’s actually nothing to be proud of – we should lead in our own right, put our own problems ahead of trying to solve the world’s problems, in some virtue display. We inherit who we are firstly, rather than import. We don’t all need the church in our lives but some people still do.I am not one of those people. I think Gemma O’Doherty was going to get into all sorts of trouble as soon as she started to open up in this area – it makes some people uncomfortable at this time to think that we might actually stand for something. From my read, corruption was only part of it but this is the other platform she was running on – uniting people through a much needed national dialogue and establishing common values and understandings.

  5. Dr.Fart MD

    if we could just brain wash Denis O’Brien to have a desire to get into the weed selling business, he’d give the nod to his faithful servants in the government and it would be hurried thru.

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