Any Other Business?


Gardaí have removed four housing activists who were occupying the council chamber at Cork City Hall.

The group who began their occupation at 11am this morning are calling on Cork City Council to declare a National Emergency on housing and homelessness and also to write to the Government requesting that a National Emergency Committee be established to deal with it.

A public protest will take place outside City Hall this evening at 5pm.

Update: Gardaí remove four housing activists occupying Cork City Hall (irish Examiner)

21 thoughts on “Any Other Business?

      1. Rob_G

        I thought that, in a debate around the level of arrears in local authority housing, it emerged that 26% of local housing tenants were in arrears, so were in fact living in ‘free houses’, and not even ‘heavily-subsidised’ ones(?)

        1. Brother Barnabas

          “in arrears” doesn’t mean they’re not paying anything

          (and 10% of mortgages are in arrears, but i doubt you’d regard those as “free house” scenarios)

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I’m talking about residential mortgages – most recent central bank number is just short of 73k, which is around 10%

            investment mortgages arrears a lot higher, yes

          2. Cian

            Anyone living in a house and not paying for it – either the LA or their bank – is living in a ‘free house’.

          3. Mickey Twopints

            That is not true.

            I live in a house that I do not pay for, but it most certainly was not free.

            You really do need to pay some attention to opening your mind and to adopting a less black-and-white view of the world, Cian.

          4. Cian

            So are you not paying the bank? Or the LA?
            Cause if you are supposed to be paying and aren’t you’re overloading.

          5. johnny

            FYI-on tonight.


            Northern Rock mortgages: Homeowners trapped on high interest rates
            “Mark and Lisa Elkins are being forced to sell the house they’ve lived in for 15 years. They took out a mortgage with Northern Rock back in 2003.
            When an American private equity firm, Cerberus, took over former Northern Rock mortgages in a £13bn deal in 2016, it told the UK government it was planning to offer homeowners better mortgage deals.
            But the company hasn’t provided any new mortgages and 65,000 homeowners are still trapped on high interest rates. Cerberus denies the allegation.
            This is Mark and Lisa’s story.”

            Watch BBC Panorama: Trapped by My Mortgage, Monday 22 October 20:30.

        2. SOQ

          That’s maybe because I dunno, that people in social housing are poor? I expect all poor people in private accommodation pay on time of course and that it is the reason why only rich ones become homeless.

    1. millie st murderlark

      I just assumed for a moment that dav wrote that comment and then I saw it was you and now I’m confused Cian.

      It’s been a long enough day without these shenanigans.

      1. SOQ

        No longer than any other honey. But if it was a really dramatic one like finding out the mobile game the other half is always playing is actually the message sound from Grindr then yeah, long day.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I’d say yourself and slovakian gardener fellow would be divils for the grindr after the few Friday scoops


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