Big Hall To Fill


From left: Kian Egan, Shane Filan, Mark Feehily and Nicky Byrne

This morning.

Pre-sale tickets for Westlife’s reunion concert at Croke Park on July 5, 2019 went on sale. at 9am

The band will perform at the stadium as part of a world tour – their first in seven years – without founding member Brian McFadden.

Which is, frankly, a disgrace.

Like flying without modified, feather-covered forelimbs.



This morning/afternoon.

The Intercontinental Hotel, Dublin

Westlife and their manager Louis Walsh (above) at a press briefing to announce the band’s  reunion tour.

Go on.

Have a cigar.


17 thoughts on “Big Hall To Fill

    1. Steph Pinker

      For what it’s worth, the proverbial ‘come back’ can be of benefit to those of us who missed out the first time round; about 16/17 years ago, a lad I played music with took me to see Jethro Tull in the Point Depot and it was a fantastic gig. I’d never heard of JT or Ian Anderson before but the man is so musically talented it’s scary. Apparently, the reason JT went back on the road was because Anderson had lost a fortune with his fish-farming businesses, and he was nearly broke. The lad I went with had been gifted the tickets and he brought me backstage afterwards to meet him, it was an absolute pleasure and a brilliant night out.

      BTW, I’m not implying that Westlife are in the same league as JT!

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      I get the impression that there’s a cohort of event junkies who go to Croke Park gigs regardless of who is playing.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        apparently though you need not-too-much-short of capacity to make a profit on a croke park concert – profit comes on the last 12,000 tickets or something. MCD lost its ar se on taylor swift this year. it’a a brave/foolish move.

          1. TheQ47

            Is he still bankrupt, or is that all cleared now? His wife, Gillian, is bankrupt though.
            I think his financial partner and brother (and renua election candidate) Finbarr is also bankrupt. Fun times for them.

  1. SOQ

    There was a media story a couple of years ago that Walsh was going deaf. Most people were shocked… mainly because the word ‘going’ was included.

    Mind you, Westlife do look better as men, albeit in skinnys and eighteen year old haircuts. Still can’t sing I expect but that never mattered to licensed paid 2fm so they’ll get 24/7 repeat with whatever auto-tuned ‘new release’ they offer up.

  2. Ian-O

    I guess it will be nice for their original fans, who are probably in their 20’s now, but FFS, they are and always will be a manufactured band, comparisons to Elvis and the Beatles is a bit stupid really.

    Nothing against them, but they are hardly high art!

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