Aengus ‘Gussie’ Shanahan on CCTV in Limerick City on the night of his disappearance

Mr Shanahan has been missing for more than 18 years. On the night of Friday 11 February 2000 he spent the evening in Coopers Bar in Limerick city with some friends but stayed on in the pub by himself when they headed home.

He was due to stay with those friends just across the road from the pub but he never arrived.

CCTV footage showed him leaving Coopers Pub at around 10.30pm.

Those three seconds of CCTV footage would be analysed again and again down the years by gardaí.

Remains identified as those of man missing from Limerick since 2000 (RTÉ)

Please help us find out what happened to our missing sons (Gemma O’Doherty, irish Independent, June 16, 2013)

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6 thoughts on “In Limerick

  1. Joseph Sullivan

    One thing always puzzled me about this.
    What young lads go home at 930 to prepare food, on a Friday night when out having pints. Instead of getting chips or a burger. Then another goes after the first.
    There’s a possibility it was a setup.

    1. paddy apathy

      Yeah, maybe they were hungry and maybe your 20-something self had too much of a grá for Friday night pints.

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