‘It Will Not Be Possible To Identify Them All’


This afternoon.

In the Dáil.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar speaks about yesterday’s announcement by the Minister for Children Katherine Zappone that there will be an exhumation and forensic examination of the remains found at the site of the former Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Co Galway.



Fianna Fail TD Anne Rabbitte also asked Mr Varadkar about the necessary legislation.

They had this exchange:

Anne Rabbitte: “With the announcement yesterday about the mother and baby home with the site in Tuam, it is understood, what you said was bespoke legislation would be required. Now is that amending some of the legislation or is that drafting new legislation?”

“And do you foresee that in the first quarter of next year, fast-tracking that legislation so as it can run in tandem with, sort of, outsourcing the work that needs doing? And also have the legislation running parallel so as that the people who are at the centre of all these, because they’re ageing, so as they don’t have to wait much longer for results. Thank you.”

Leo Varadkar: “It will be new primary legislation which may of course amend some existing legislation. What we want to avoid, of course, for the reasons that the deputy says, we want to avoid a situation where nothing happens until the legislation is passed. So the things that can be done without legislation, we’ll try and do. What requires legislation will obviously have to wait.

“Unfortunately fast-tracking any legislation in the world of new politics is difficult. A lot of legislation is being held up because we don’t have a majority Government. But that is the will of the people.”

Yesterday: Exhumation But No Inquests

51 thoughts on “‘It Will Not Be Possible To Identify Them All’

    1. b

      they’re still trying to identify victims of 9/11, they only just positively identified the bones of some poor lad in Limerick after 20 years

      that it’s going to take a long time and yield some disappointing results doesn’t satisfy the hurlers in the ditch i guess

    1. Cian

      I would assume it becomes a murder investigation. In the same way as if any body is discovered violently killed.

  1. rotide

    What is it about this case that makes people lose all sense of logic and reason?

    He’s completely right in what he says

  2. Brother Barnabas

    “A lot of legislation is being held up because we don’t have a majority Government. But that is the will of the people.”

    it’s not our fault we’re doing a sh 1t job – it’s your fault for not giving us a majority

    1. Rob_G

      Well – he’s not wrong, is he? I would have thought that it would be self-evident that a party that does not have a majority govt would find it more difficult to pas legislation (of any description).

  3. A Person

    Govt announces that they are going to do something, yet people on here still complain and call a conspiracy. Seriously, some of you such get a grip – get out more, wash etc. I guarantee when the “results” of the excavation are published, the same people will call conspiracy.

  4. Ann

    DNA test every man still living from that era, including priests, and work out who fathered these children.

    It’s too easy to focus on the nuns alone, this site tells the story of an injustice that extends right across Irish society.

    1. rotide

      How about you arrest everyone descended from the people that voluntarily gave up these children into care. They weren’t stolen you know.

  5. :-Joe

    He doesn’t seem to enthusiastic about doing any more than the minimum….

    We need an election, this clown does not have and has never had a democratically elected mandate by the ballot to be Taoiseach in the first place.

    He’s a bloody head prefect who beat another head prefect in a private internal popularity contest.

    Ask yoirself, is this a democracy or a plutocracy?


    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      I hope so
      ‘loads to catch up with
      And ye should know Kevin by now
      He won’t be holding back

  6. rotide

    You know, if we charged everyone a euro who implied that there were 974 violently murdered infants lying in a functioning sewer in the comments here, this would be paid for in no time.

        1. bisted

          …I know perfectly well what it means. Not appropriate in this case but the person my question was addressed to is an apologist for the daily massacre of Palestinians by the zionists so it’s no surprise that he would find common cause with another bunch of religious cranks…

          1. bisted

            …yep…saw it…Simon Reeve. He went from watching zionist drone boats to people with empty nets…he walked along the caged walkway into Gaza…reminded me of Terminal 47 at Heathrow back in the day…his conclusion was that he couldn’t take a side…I can…

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      Jesus Rotide
      there are times when you couldn’t be a bigger pr1ck if you tried

      this is a very emotional issue for a lot of Broadsheeters
      Clearly not you
      Fair enough
      But any chance you could remember you’re not the only one around here
      And wind that big swinging mickie in a bit

  7. johnny

    Why 2.5 million-based on what,it doesn’t even cover the costs.

    “The combined organization, dubbed Bon Secours Mercy Health, will comprise 43 hospitals in seven states and more than 2,100 physicians. It will be the nation’s fifth-largest Catholic health system with $8 billion in net operating revenue and $239 million in operating income.”


  8. johnny

    this looks like a bribe to me, marvelous news for Cork,lucky the Minister could attend……
    “Mr. Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government spoke about the announcement: “I welcome the €150m investment in services across the country which include a new Cath Lab in Galway, new theatres and consultant suites in Tralee, the development of Endoscopy and Day Services in Dublin, 33 additional beds and an €11m investment in the Care Village. The news of €64 million investment in new theatres, additional beds and a state of the art Radiotherapy Centre in Bon Secours Hospital Cork is an additional asset to improving Cancer Care in Ireland. I look forward to performing the “sod turning” ceremony for the €11m investment in the Care Village in Cork in December this year. I also look forward to hearing more about Bon Secours Health System’s ambitious plans outlined in their “2020 Plan”.

  9. johnny

    Here’s the Minister,once again opening another facility financed/funded by the extremely wealth and rich Bon Secours,who negotiated the 2.5 million sweetheart deal, why isn’t the agreement made public,national security?
    Did Coveney negotiate it-in return for a sweet deal,getting a load investment in his area,or is just another “Irish” coincidence….

    “Developed at a cost of €11m by the Bon Secours Health System, the facility brings to a total of 97, the number of private en-suite rooms now in place at the facility located just off Lee Rd, Cork.”


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