Staying In Friday Night?


RTÉ’s David McCullagh

Laura Fitzgerald, of RTE, writes:

RTÉ has commissioned independent research company Red C to undertake a comprehensive exit poll, interviewing over 2,000 people across Ireland immediately after they have voted on Friday 26 October.

The Presidential Election exit poll result will be announced on Friday night, following the close of polls, by RTÉ’s David McCullagh on The Late Late Show and published simultaneously on RTÉ.ie.

Further results and breakdown of demographics and sentiments of voting behavior will be released simultaneously on RTÉ.ie and RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland from 9.00am on Saturday.

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Dogged Persistance

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12 thoughts on “Staying In Friday Night?

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Why not just wait for the election results to come in and void the expense of the Red C poll?
      That’s a pretty expensive Late Late show segment

  1. newsjustin

    That’s assuming they can find 2,000 people who can be bothered to vote in this clowncar of an election.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    What’s the point of that?
    I can understand in a general election you’d want an early idea on party seats, but a poll seems a bit much for a presidential and a referendum when results for the latter will be speedy enough and, even with the transfers, so will the six-horse presidential race.
    I suspect this is just ‘content’ for an ailing chat show. RTE must be pretty desperate now that there’s no-one left in the canteen to interview?

  3. ReproButina

    All the lads who think MDH wastes money had no issue with wasting money on a pointless election.

  4. Vanessa off the Telly

    I wouldn’t knock it lads

    the data their last one collated was very informative and detailed
    we might hear some information about why people didn’t vote for the incumbent – was it his age, was it the revelations about expenses and jets
    we might get information why people voted for Gallagher
    we might get information about the Council selection process

    Wait till the full detail is published or aired
    then decide whether it was useful or not

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