29 thoughts on “Jab Amháin

  1. LeopoldGloom

    he obviously meant a rás, and litterally meant a race, and for some reason that this rás/race was the same as the other meaning of race. Or something itenerent related

  2. Otis Blue

    It’s in keeping with the rest of the manifesto which looks like it was cobbled together over a few pints. Just meaningless, badly written twaddle.

    Not that he’s alone in that respect.

  3. Rob_G

    Not to split hairs, but ‘Amháin Post’ is a lot more incorrect, in many more different ways, than a misspelt ‘Áras’.

  4. Rapscallion

    Will no-one give the poor plank a hairbrush, for God’s sake. Looks about as relevent as Podge & Rodge.

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