Earlier this morning.

Niall Carson tweetz:

On the way to Tory Island for the funeral of the King Patsy Dan Rodgers and to see the ballot boxes delivered for the Presidential election. All courtesy of the Irish Air Corp.

Residents on Donegal Islands go the polls (Highland Radio)

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5 thoughts on “To The Polls

  1. Starina

    I admit I had to google “King Patsy Dan Rodgers” to find out where the title ended and the name began

      1. dav

        Vanessa, it’s not disappointing:

        “Artist, Musician and King of Tory, Patsy Dan Mac Ruaíri (Rodgers) was Tory Island’s best known resident. As a young man he was one of the leading campaigners against the Government’s plans to resettle the islanders on the Donegal mainland following storms in 1974 that had cut off Tory Island for nearly two months. “

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