Grand Hijab Altogether


Sinéad O’Connor converts to Islam (BBC)

Pic via Twitter

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116 thoughts on “Grand Hijab Altogether

          1. Rob_G

            I mean, I agree with you as a general rule. But if you announce something to your 20k followers on Twitter, presumably in doing so you know it will generate commentary.

      1. Royal M

        @AKB: “people are allowed to change their minds” – Unless you’re somebody who has converted to …..

          1. Rob_G

            You should probably read the article in full before using it to support your argument:

            “He was born to a Muslim family of Pakistani-Indian origin but abandoned Islam around a decade ago. He now regularly criticises Islam. It comes at a wretched price: he has received almost 150 death threats in the past five years. “

          2. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            You’d be right, if I argued that Islamic extremists don’t threaten people who criticise their religion.

            Plenty of people ‘leave the faith.’ Sinead doesn’t live in Saudi Arabia, last time I checked.

          3. Rob_G

            Saif Rahman (whom the quote refers to) lives in the UK.

            As does Salman Rushdie. Theo Van Gogh lived in the Netherlands, Charlie Hebdo is a French publication.

            The Quran is very clear on the punishment for apostasy.

          4. I post things vaguely related to the image/subject

            Again, I’m not arguing that Islamic extremists don’t target people who criticise their religion.

            Can we agree that loads of people have left the religion?

            RE: Your “the Quran is very clear on the punishment for apostasy” comment.

            Out of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, not every culture’s interpretation of Islam (never mind every Muslim majority countries judicial implementation of a violent interpretation of Islam) is the same. Some Muslim majority countries don’t adopt the violent aspects of Sharia law in their judicial framework. Some Muslim majority countries don’t apply Sharia law in their judicial system at all.




          5. Rob_G

            @ Amorphous/Vaguely –

            Indeed, many, many people have left the religion; I was merely countering the idea the idea that it was necessarily going to be an easy-breezy experience.

            “Out of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, not every culture’s interpretation of Islam (never mind every Muslim majority countries judicial implementation…) is the same.”

            Agreed as well – but the book itself is clear and unambiguous about what should happen to apostates.

          6. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            Yep, the Bible advocates plenty of barmy behaviour as well, obviously. There’s a few Christian majority countries/cultures who don’t adopt said barminess. We also manage not to tar all Christian majority populations/cultures with the same brush because of the behavior of the minority with extreme interpretations of ‘the good book.’

  1. Rob_G

    Funny the difference an item of clothing can make – if I saw that photo without any other context, I would have assumed it was a photo of a random Algerian lady or something.

  2. Elm wood

    Sinead has been searching for a while, hope she has finally found a code or way of life that’s fits her , always liked her

  3. Spud

    From – I hope she’s careful whose photo she rips up if things don’t go well!


    It is sad though, but hopefully she’ll find peace with it.
    As long as researcher on the Late Late etc… don’t think this is a great chance for some entertainment to get her on.

    1. Rob_G

      Well, the punishment for apostasy is death in Islam, so I do hope that if she loses interest in it that she doesn’t make too much of a to-do about it…

  4. Nigel

    Hope she finds what she’s looking for. I kinda doubt it, but maybe the journey is the point and she’s travelled further than most.

  5. Cian

    I hope if she decides that Islam isn’t for her that she doesn’t rip up a picture of Mohammud. I don’t think Muslims are as forgiving as the Christians…

      1. Cian

        True. But (a) most people wouldn’t have heard of Shaykh Dr Umar al-Qadri; and (b) Mohammad (a man) isn’t equivalent to Jesus (a god).

    1. missred

      Well you can’t make pictures of Mohammed in the first place, so that probably won’t be a problem. Remember that Danish newspaper…

    2. Elm wood

      I don’t know Cain, Muslims might just be more upfront about it , I recall an Aunt of mine, a Roman Catholic Nun, discussing Sinead and the pope picture , she described it at a attention seeking stunt , and followed on with “in the end of course it will be suicide” The Christian mullahs are every bit as vicious, they just play a much longer game.

  6. Starina

    Fair play in fairness. There’s a lot of goodness in the basic tenets of Islam. I mean I’m against organised religion personally but Sinead can use all the peace she can get.

    1. Rob_G

      For someone who takes such a strident position against Catholicism, I don’t understand how you can be so soft on Islam. The two religions are both problematic in almost exactly the same ways, only Muslims tend to implement their scripture a bit more vigorously than Christians do.

      1. Starina

        Radical Islam is truly effed up. Moderate Islam is more or less grand. Moderate Catholicism abuses children and covers it up. Plus, you have to factor in personal experience of either religion. Plus, as i said, I’m against organised religion in general.

        1. Rob_G

          Hmmm – I live in an area of very moderate muslims; a large proportion of women cover their heads, and aren’t able to go to cafés or other places to socialise (seriously, I have never seen any women in any of the cafés, only men). But I suppose if one had not experienced this personally, it might colour one’s perceptions of Islam.

          1. Rob_G

            Many Islamic societies require women to cover their head in public with a hijab – like the one that Sinead is sporting in the photo.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agreed. Wishing her peace.
      I cannot get excited about this news like others I’m afraid. It’s like being the best mate of a serial relationship-addict; you support them and their happiness but after the numerous failed marriages and bust-ups one gets weary of the drama.

  7. David

    I don’t care what Sinead (or anyone) does or believes in, as long as it’s in pursuit of love & peace yo

          1. Papi

            Second opinion, Bertie, try to find a “sympathetic” doctor…(big, red whiskey nose is a good start)

          2. Bertie Blenkinsop

            3 weeks in and I’m sleeping far more soundly.
            (possibly because I’ve nothing to bother staying awake for)


  8. Dub Spot

    We’re all searching. None of us gets out of here alive. Nothing Compares 2 U was a great cover, she’s a great singer, mom, parent. The rest is an ecumenical matter.

    1. Harry M

      Having tired of Islam, she has already begun to transition to Judaism.

      Apparently, nothing compares to Jew.

          1. Cian

            I was going to crowbar a “prince” into the conversation about Harry, but then “prince” adjacent to “Harry” give the wrong connotation… hence the wizard

  9. Lilly

    It’s easy to make fun of Sinead but she’s brave IMO. She soldiers on, trying different things (men, religions, music genres, countries) without succumbing to alcohol or becoming a zombie.

    Arguably there’s not a huge difference between alcohol and religion, but at least she doesn’t get stuck. She tries one for size, casts it aside and moves on to the next one. With a bit of luck she will eventually come to see them all as fairy tales. The one constant with Sinead is her determination to be fully alive, not buried alive in BS.

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