We Salute You


Last week, with a Golden Discs voucher worth Twenty Five Euros on offer, we asked you to name the finest song in AC/DC’s ‘cannon’.

You answered in your tens.

But there could be only one winner.

In reverse order then…

Highway To Hell

Scottser writes:

For those about to rock, please play AC/DC’s highway to hell because it is possibly the easiest lead break you can learn. it’s made up of four or five very recycleable licks; a Chuck Berry, a James Burton, another Chuck Berry and some lovely Angus long note holds.

No widdly nonsense, just a really well constructed boogie. the tune also has one of the best kick drum sounds ever recorded and is only a few bpm off the Bee Gees so you can shake your tush to it when no-one’s looking.

Riff Raff

Paul writes:

‘For those about to rock, please play AC/DC’s ‘Riff Raff’ because it is an accurate description of who riffraff really are!

Shot Down In Flames

Scundered writes:

For those about to rock, please play AC/DC’s “Shot down in flames” because it reminds me of the time in early 1980s that I asked out Karen McCutcheon and even gave her a box of After Eights with £1 sellotaped to the outside, I couldn’t believe she would turn down such a generous offer. She still took the money and ate the After Eights….

It’s a Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock ‘n’ Roll)

Alf S. Perez-Lee writes:

For those about to rock, please play AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)” because it is the best use of Rock ‘N’ Roll bagpipes EVER! In fact, bagpipes should be banned except for in this song.



The Q47 writes:

For those about to rock, please play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck because it is the Culchie’s anthem, and is best played near the end of a country wedding (about 1:30am or later), with your tie around your head, your suit trousers rolled up to the knee, and playing your air guitar while head-banging, or else while duck-stepping all around the dance floor….

Thanks all

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Golden Discs

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3 thoughts on “We Salute You

  1. Clampers Outside!

    if I may…

    Went to see Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday afternoon…. a very enjoyable flick.
    I wasn’t sure what to expect and hadn’t seen any reviews. Had something in me eye at one point *sniff*, and a few laughs.

    There’s no Oscars in it, but well worth a watch :)

  2. TheQ47

    Yay!! I never win anything – well, I “won” something else on here one time, but never got it, despite giving my email address to the company involved, who never contacted me again. Hopefully this will be different.

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