Behold: the Zero FXS electric motorcycle – powered by dual option 46bhp battery systems ( 3.6kWh and 7.2kWh) with a 160km range on a full charge and serious acceleration on tap for a bike weighing around 136kg.

Yours for just under €7,500.


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8 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. David Hamilton

    I’m sorry, but the top speed is still a bit low, and when you go over 80kph the distance on a charge plummets the proce of pumpkins on the 31st October…

  2. Papi

    I just test drove an electric bike that was insane, no gears or clutch, brakes like a bicycle, no noise. It was crazy, same as a full 950cc bike. Bad driving and loading time, but in a few years, these will be awesome.

    1. Martco

      ah please say it isn’t so? :)
      I don’t doubt the performance @papi but for me its all a bit soulless.
      some people like the smell of burnt oil, the noise (musical depending on the lump), vibration, gearboxes & clutches…the fixing & maintenance of it. if I want tech I’ll buy an iPad thanks. a DT bike that doesn’t sing rangadangdangdang when u rev it? no. just noooo :)

  3. Cian

    What this bike is missing is a speaker where you can choose what noise it makes. Silent if you wish, but you can put other sounds – a big v-twin. Or that noise from rhe land speeder from star wars. Whatever takes your fancy. Even the clip-clop of a horse to a gallop. It would be awesome.

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