18 thoughts on “The Squeezed Lidl

  1. Ian-O

    Yeah, except that’s an Aldi beside the Maldron hotel, not a Lidl.

    So the headline is moot.

    Sorry for being a killjoy.

      1. Ian-O

        I am actually, it does work very well as a pun but you need your punnery to be honest punnery otherwise its just pointless punnery and yes, I know I sound pedantic and petulant but no need to be so punitive?

        (There, did my alliteration provide any solace?)

  2. Topsy

    It kinda looks as if both cars parked in such a way as to hem in the middle car. incidentally while I would never park in a disabled parking slot, the “baby” slots are nonsense & I park in them always.

    1. Atticus

      I kinda agree but they do come in useful when trying to get kids out of baby seats, and in theory they should provide extra space so you don’t whack the doors off the next car.

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