Sgt Maurice McCabe

The Irish Examiner understands Sergeant McCabe met Assistant Commissioner Fintan Fanning at the weekend and applied to retire. As he has served the requisite 30 years, he is entitled to retire on a full pension.

His application was accepted and will come into effect from 12am.

His retirement comes three weeks after publication of the Disclosures Tribunal report in which Judge Peter Charleton described the Cavan-based sergeant as having done the state “considerable service”.

Maurice McCabe retires after 30 years on force (Michael Clifford, irish Examiner)



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17 thoughts on “Full Closure

  1. Walter Ego

    I’m sure he’d like to retire and spend some quiet time with his family. I doubt very much he wants to touch any tainted chalice of office. it must’ve been hell for him and his family. Hope he has a peaceful retirement and the gutter press respect his privacy.

  2. Eoin

    Maurice is only 57 years old. He’s probably lost 12 years of his life in this whole mess. God knows what it does to your psyche, he considered admitting himself to a mental institution at one point. He sat quietly each day at the Charleton Tribunal listening to a conveyor belt of witnesses lying their heads off. I hope he can find a level in his mind that he can enjoy his life with his family with what should be a huge payout from the state, though of course they’ll probably fight it tooth and nail. Maybe in a few years, Maurice might consider some public role again, we’d be privileged to have him.

  3. Martco

    Is this an indication of him starting engines for a tilt at suing the state I wonder?

    (I really hope so, he deserves something substantial out of this)

  4. topsy

    Charlie Flanagan was on radio this morning.
    Said he didn’t have time to meet with McCabe because he has been very busy in the Dail.
    Asked if any changes had been implemented by new Commissioner- didn’t answer question.
    Asked if he knew if McCabe was retiring – didn’t answer initially and said no he didn’t when asked again.
    A charlie by name & windbag by nature.

    1. Giggidygoo

      A proper Charlie. Finds the time to apologize to Alan Kelly in the Dail very quickly, yet as usual for FGers, has to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing. Waste of space.

      Wishing Maurice McCabe the absolute very best for the future. A good person prevails for a change.

  5. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    The saddest thing of all is in reality nothing has changed. Seeing how this played out and knowing the intransigence of senior Gardai & management, department officials and all their collective cohorts, would anybody in their right mind ever attempt to replicate what maurice McCabe did! I wouldn’t. They’re a kabal, a law unto themselves and to think anything has changed other than the methods and lengths the incumbents will now go to protect themselves in the future would be naive in the highest order.

    One man somehow managed to bring this the full length of the road but at what cost. I truly admire his ability to see it through, his seemingly immense mental capacity for dealing with all he has had to. What have his family also had to endure! The state and its systems are poisonous and sadly, despite the good that has seemingly come from this, I think the real lesson is if you’re gonna go up against this lot then be prepared to sacrifice it all. Maurice won but how many unknowns have previously lost. They’re the biggest mob of them all.

  6. Gabby

    He should be invited to a meeting, together with his close relatives, with President Michael D. Higgins. Dublin City Council should consider awarding him the freedom of the city.

  7. Ron

    If it wasn’t for the tape the filth who run this kip of a country would have continued to bury him…

    I hope he gets millions through his various legal actions

  8. Johnny Keenan

    Don’t forget it was Broadsheet who were there from the start.
    Reporting the whole story as it unfolded.
    Along with Gemma O’Doherty Clare Daly Mick Wallace and Luke Ming Flanagan. I wonder will that information be broadcast on OUR national broadcaster ?

    1. rotide

      Well, apart from the fact broadsheet didn’t exist at the start, Broadsheet certainly reported on the media’s reporting of it untill the tribunal started and then started independantly reporting on it.

  9. A Person

    What he is going on RTE as opposed to the Gemma O’Doherty show. Shurely some mistake? He must have been turned show how up main stream corrupt media.

  10. realPolithicks

    Congratulations and good luck to Sgt. McCabe, unlike other people who have made the claim he actually did the state a great service.

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