With Samsung and LG set to release their own versions of this tech soon, Royole Corporation (formed in 2012 by Stanford University graduates) has just released the Flexpai – the world’s first folding smartphone.

Never mind the 16MP wide angle and 20MP telephoto cameras. Discount the not-even-officially-announced-yet Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor. Forget that it runs Water OS on top of Android Pie.

Instead, feast your eyes on the 19.8cm flexi-screen that folds in half and picture yourself stuffing that fat, glowing wallet into your inside pocket with a half chewed Refresher wedged in the middle of it.

Yours from Royole for around €1,155.


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13 thoughts on “Mmm. Foldy

  1. SOQ

    How is it that this sort of technology is available and yet if you look at certain Apple models sideways, the screen will crack into a hundred pieces?

    Answers on the back of a €50 note please.

    1. john f

      With Apple it’s a simple cost-benefit analysis. They know they have a cult following who will pay a premium price to change their handset every year. These things are not designed to last and that is on purpose, planned obsolescence.

    2. Martco

      mmm. just cos it’s bendy I wouldn’t assume it’s indestructible @SOQ. I’ve looked around and I can’t see any evidence of drop tests etc.

      Agree on iphones (but I’ve tried twice now to kick the MacBook/pad/phone ecosystem & failed, longterm hard to beat)

      1. SOQ

        Well I do some work with apps and for robustness and value, nothing beats a Sony. The new Moto’s are good too. I am open to other people’s experiences on that one mind.

        It’s like you go onto a high street looking for a laptop and you get blinded with bullpoo. They will never ask you the most basic question which is, what do you want to use it for? And yet, if you go to your company’s IT department, that is the first question they will ask.

        The questionable reputation of tech marketing has surpassed even used car salesmen at this stage.

        1. shortforBob

          Can Sony be trusted?

          Maybe they’ve finally got it together but they’ve tried to fool us so many times before and I can’t believe they haven’t found some way to use their own incompatible cables or made special accessories that cost twice as much as any other brand.

  2. Starina

    about bloody time. I remember handling a flexible screen at the Science Museum in Trinity a few years ago, can’t believe it’s taken this long get out of the product labs!!

  3. ZeligIsJaded

    I don’t care if I only use rigid phones for the rest of my life.

    I can work around the lack of bendiness.

  4. Mike Baldwin

    Someone mentioned car marketing and it reminded me of a well known joke we tell in the tech business. What’s the difference between an IT salesperson and a car salesperson? The car salesperson KNOWS when they’re lying..

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