18 thoughts on “Zig A Zig Ah Here

  1. Rep

    My rte page as the Bohs shambles as the main story.

    On a less humorous note, that father/daughter story made me both nauseous and furious at the same time. I hope very very bad things happen to him in prison.

  2. Dub Spot

    Of course it’s music. And news.

    Not like that Una Healy/Foden rubbish, which was neither.

    Red alert warning from Jean Byrne. This is a disaster.

  3. dylad

    Not sure what makes it less newsworthy than the other stories. They were culturally important back in the 90s and are of some interest still. Paedo story is not really anyones business, I have no clue who Bohs are and who cares if a Garda retires.

    1. ReproButina

      The paedo story is in everyone’s interest. It’s important that we report on the scum getting locked up and show justice to be done.

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