9 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

      1. Paulus

        ..and used her Technowhatever to roll up over those cars which must deliver Oscar and Iseult right to the school gate…not near the gate, RIGHT AT THE GATE!
        (deep breath).

  1. Martco

    interesting but a Merc Unimog is what you really want for the serious offroad work, very gettable too and last I heard can be vrt’d as agri, surprised I haven’t seen Cian Healy porked up in one yet

      1. Martco

        secondhand, are you kidding me @Pat?
        (tho maybe Healy would sniff at that ;)


        start there. and if you have to stay rhd there’s availability ex-mil for example in the UK

        I can get a U1400L road fit for expedition work for 40k

        1. Pat

          Ah now I meant new Marty – like for like. Sure if you wait a few years you’ll pick up one of the Russian yokes for well under 40 grand! Fair play though. I like an oul Unimog!

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